5 types of eaters – which type of eater are you?

Do you eat to live, live to eat, live to photograph your food, live to try weird dishes or criticise every dish. Below are five types. Find out which one you fall in. 

The Instagram eater

Instagram eaters have grown massively in the last decade. Instagrammers order a deconstructed coffee, take a picture and just drink tap water instead. Then the million dollar questions come in, do they enjoy their food? Do they actually eat it?

The midnight snacker

The Midnight Snacker is never full until the last piece of snack vanishes from the fridge at night. The fridge is their best friend every night. They’ll be lying in bed, stomach grumbling, and they’ll hear the ice cream in the freezer calling out their name. They usually defend themselves with, “you should never go to sleep hungry”, creep down at night and finish off the day’s work. Don’t save snacks for another day if you have a midnight snacker in your house.

The junky

The junkies love to eat nothing but junk. Infact, they just hate the thought of healthy foods. They’d prefer a rich sandwich in one hand, a bottle of chilled fruit juice in the other with a tray of sweetners awaiting.

The healthy eater

The Healthy Eater is that person who is constantly on diet. Eat before 6pm, criticize food to its smallest form. Mind you, they’ve tried them all; Keto, vegan, high-protein, no-carb, juice and all you can think of.  The only problem is, the don’t shut up.

The Emotional Eater

This kind is usually very creepy to talk about because we’ve probably all been the emotional eater at some point in our lives. This person hits at everything consumable when things get rough, being a breakup or a bad day at work. They are always found eating, watching a movie and listening to music all at a time with no concentration on either of them.

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