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A Plus Paid Huge Amount To Knack Me – Abena Korkor Reveals (Video)

Abena Korkor Explosively Reveals Huge Amount A Plus Paid to Knack her

Abena Korkor has lit a new fire under political commentator and activist Kwame A Plus after claiming he paid her to knack her.

Abena claims A Plus gave her $50,000 to sleep with her and taste her infamous honey p*t.

A Plus denied the accusation on the spot and said if he had $50,000 he would have used it to buy a Bugatti.

The exchange between the two bitter enemies occurred after they met on a night out and publicly squashed their beef.

A Plus and Abena Korkor agreed to put their beef behind them and move on as they joked around with one another.

Abena told A Plus not to get pissed off at her jabs because she’s just creating content for social media.

She jokingly added that they were going to sleep together that evening and that A Plus has already paid her $50,000 for the act.

They later parted ways on good terms – but we all know social media is completely different from in-person interactions.

Don’t be surprised to see them back at each other online.

Watch the moment the beefing A Plus and Abena Korkor buried the hatchet below;


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