Achievers Pharmacy in Obuasi closed down; CEO cries foul

The Chief Executive Officer of Achievers Pharmacy, a fast-rising Obuasi-based pharmaceutical shop, Philip Anokye, has accused the Pharmacy Council of Ghana of unlawful closure of the shop.

The shop, which has been in operation since 2018, has been serving the people of Obuasi and its environs.

The shop provides both pharmaceutical and laboratory services with a staff strength of more than 20.

Narrating his ordeal, the young but burgeoning entrepreneur said he has fulfilled all the laid down provisions of the Pharmacy Council to renew his license so could not fathom why the Council has closed it down.

“As you may be aware, we periodically renew our licenses which gives us the permission to operate. We have done all these despite initial challenges so why must they close down this shop sending all our workers home in this difficult economic situation?”

According to the Ghana Pharmaceutical Council, licenses issued to pharmacies are valid for one calendar year only and must be renewed every year in accordance with the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act. Failure to renew a pharmacy license or operating with a license past its expiry date constitutes an offense and will result in sanctions.

Mr. Anokye said the Ashanti Regional office certified their registration hence moved in to renew the license for the year 2023.

He, however, said the pharmacist who had previously been facilitating the processes for them had traveled outside the country so found it difficult renewing it.

He continued that they later found another pharmacist who helped them conclude the registration process at the regional office of the Pharmaceutical Council. This was duly approved by the Council led by its director, Pharm Benjamin Botwe.

He added that he was later prompted to pay an amount of GH¢3,500 as penalty for late registration which he accepted but asked for time to pay such an amount.

“This was approved and sanctioned by the director after I have signed an undertaking to that effect.”

But much to his surprise and that of his staff, on Tuesday, May 2, one Mr. Amoh from the Regional Pharmaceutical Council came to Obuasi to close down his shop.

He said Mr. Amoh’s actions were resisted because he failed to show any notification from the Council to close down the shop.

Later, Mr. Amoh came with some Police reinforcement to close down the shop which Mr. Anokye said he petitioned the Obuasi Municipal Police Commander, Chief Supt Elizabeth Viney, about.

“The matter was amicably settled and we started our operation rendering quality services to our people.”

The CEO of Achievers Pharmacy added that in the course of their operations, a team purported to be from the National Pharmaceutical Council in Accra came to their shop ostensibly to close it down again.

He said he again petitioned the Municipal Police Commander who scheduled a meeting between himself and the team from Accra.

After writing down their statement, the Police Commander concluded that she could not proceed with the team to close down the pharmaceutical shop because she could not find any basis for that in their statement.

The Police Commander, as explained by Mr. Anokye, recommended amicable settlement which was agreed by both parties but the team went ahead to close down the shop.

He said he proceeded to the Regional office of the Council to plead for clemency but all fell on deaf ears while the Regional Director – Benjamin Botwe – sacked them from his office.

Next line of action

Philip Anokye said upon consultation with the board of directors of Achievers Pharmacy, they have decided to write to the Pharmaceutical Council through their lawyers to explain to them the basis for closing down the shop and to also open it.

“Now, we have paid what there is to be paid to the Council yet our shop has been closed down, denying more than 20 of our staff their livelihood. We can’t claim to be promoting private investment in the country but frustrating private individuals doing legitimate business in Ghana.”

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