After 22 years, Diana Asamoah loses Facebook account, songs to ex-management

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has lost her official Facebook account with 993,000 followers to her former management and production team.

According to the communique dated August 4, Frimprince Music Productions has terminated its contract with Diana Asamoah after two decades of working together.

Including her digital and social media platforms, Anane Frimpong, her ex-music executive, also claims rights to her songs produced during his tenure. These songs include ‘Wo Na Mani Agyina Wo’, ‘Mabowodin, Akoko Abon’, ‘Madansidie’, ‘Pentecost Gya’, ‘Momomme’, ‘Wo Damu Fua’, ‘Tetelesta and ‘Pentecost Soree’.

The letter also states that Frimprince Music Production disassociates itself from the ABBA Father concert and MOBOWODIN company.

Termination Of Contract
Termination Of Contract


Evangelist Diana Asamoah launched her music career in the 90s with her first album, “Wo na Mani Agyina wo.” Through Rev. Simmon Yaw Boamah, she met Mr Anane Frimpong of Frimprince Music Productions in the early 2000s.

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