Amy Newman gives real reason behind ‘I am broke’ comment

Veteran Ghanaian Gospel musician Evangelist Amy Newman has sought to clarify comments she made in an interview on Empire FM in Takoradi, suggesting that she was broke and could not afford the basics of life.

Evang. Amy Newman, who is currently promoting her new single ‘I’m Redeemed’, told Ato Kwamina Otoo D’Gem on Connect FM that she indeed said that she was broke, however, she did not mean it.

“I didn’t know that this time when you talk about things on the radio, people get it wrong;

“In that, I am a very jovial person. When I come to a programme, I just want to create something for somebody to laugh at, so when I was saying those things, I didn’t think about it. I thought that I wanted to create an atmosphere just to make fun,” she said.

“I didn’t mean it. I was just joking. I just wanted to create an atmosphere for all of us to laugh. Who tells you that I am broke? I am not, and I don’t look broke,” she emphasized.

‘I’m Redeemed’ is the title song of her new album, which she explains will be released in singles.

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