‘Apraku My Daughter’ Wouldn’t Have Died If He Had Listen To My Advice – Apraku’s Ex Wife Speaks

‘Apraku My Daughter’s’ Ex Wife

After information reaching Goonlingh.com about Pastor ‘Apraku My Daughter’s’ death, his Ex wife has also spoken, complaining of her Ex husband not taking her advice sometime ago.

According to ‘Apraku’s’ Ex wife in an interview with Kofi Tv  monitored by Goonlinegh.com, she doesn’t live with her Ex husband since they broke up around 2003, but after she saw a viral video of him drunk circulating on social media, she asked her children to come and check up on him the next day and they came and found him dead in his room without knowing the cause of his death.

In tears, ‘Apraku’s’ wife lamented that her Ex husband wouldn’t have died if he had listen to her from the begining.

“I’m very sad beacause what i told him from the begining if he had listen to me, he wouldn’t have ended up this way. I told him he didn’t listen, i adviced him so many times still he did not listen. As it is said you can force the cow to the river side but you can’t force it to drink. so if you are with a man who doesn’t listen to your advice, i had no option than to withdraw my part and move on with my life, so that’s what happened.”

She said it in the local dialect


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1.What is your Thoughts about Apraku’s Death?

2. Do you think he committed suecide after seeing the viral video of him drunk?

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