Boycott limited voter registration – National Youth Organisers urges Ghanaian youth

The Coalition of National Youth Organisers (CNYO) is calling on the youth of Ghana to boycott the just-started limited voter registration exercise as a result of the snub of the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) to accept alternative proposals.

“The Electoral Commission is behaving as if the views and concerns of IPAC parties are irrelevant,” the Coalition said in a press statement on Tuesday, September 12.

It comes after the Commission brushed aside all concerns to go ahead with the exercise, which is scheduled to end on Monday, October 2.

The concerns have been the conduct of the exercise at district offices instead of electoral areas.

For the Coalition, the EC could have erected centers in schools, polling stations and electoral areas for the exercise.

“This step when taken will bring the registration closer to the unemployed and financially unstable Youth who by their constitutional right must register to take part in any form of elections.”

It said the decision to go ahead with the exercise at the district offices only sets Ghana’s democracy up for monetary inducements.

“This is because, this decision to hold the registration exercise in EC’s district offices will force people with political ambition to induce registrants with money before registering which is very dangerous to our democracy.”

For the Coalition, the exercise should just be boycotted.

“Our position is clear, if it must be done, then it must be done right. If the Electoral Commission wants the people’s participation during this limited registration exercises, then they should take the exercise closer to them to make it easier for them to register.

“We are therefore calling on the Ghanaian Youths who are the future leaders of this country to boycott participating in this limited registration exercise, if the Electoral Commission decides not to consider the proposals made.”

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