Comedy In Ghana Must Swallow Music In Ghana The Next Five (5) To Come Comedian Waris

Comedia Waris

Abdul Umaru Waris, a professional stand up comedian, popularly known as Comedian Waris has said the comedy industry in Ghana is in good stands to swallow Ghana’s music industry in the next five (5) years.

Speaking on ‘Vibe with Jibriel‘  with Jibriel Jagbesie  on Y3kasa Tv, the Ghanaian comedian was asked how he foresee’s Ghana’s comedy in the next few years to come. And he stated emphatically that the comedy industry in Ghana should be able to lead the music industry just as how it is in Nigeria.

According to comedian waris, the comedians in Ghana are in good position to lead the entertainment industry, but it is up to the media to support them to achieve that strength they need to lead.

We should be very great, we should be able to let comedy swallow music, we should be able to lead just like Nigeria is doing right now.

He said.

Comedian Waris continued to say this when he was asked if Ghana comedians are ready to lead,

It all boils down to our support in Ghana and how the media projects us and how our people projects us.


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