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Contract Pregnacy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 2)

Contract Pregnacy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Chloe was done packing when Chelsea came back, she still look pale

“How are you feeling now?” Chloe asked

“I don’t know, I’ve eaten but I still feel weak,” she said

” Alright let’s go home so that you can rest,” she said.

Chloe push the cart while Chelsea follow behind her when they got to their little house, some sweet aroma was coming out of the house.

“Who’s cooking?” Chelsea asked looking at Chloe

”I don’t know but it’s no one else but Kyle,” she said.

They entered the house, the house only have one room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

“Hey, what are you cooking?” Chloe asked Walking into the kitchen

“Spaghetti” he replied as he pecked Chloe’s lips

“Really,” Chelsea said happily

“Yeah chess, why don’t you go wash your hands,” he said and she ran to the bathroom

”Where did you get the money to buy that? “Chloe ask as Soon as Chelsea left.

”From my payment” he replied

“You shouldn’t be spending like that we have bills to pay,” she said worriedly

”It’s fine and I want to make you guys happy,” he said.

Chloe pecks his lips ” I love you”

“I love you too,” he said

“I’m hungry,” Chelsea said standing by the door.

“Sorry,” Chloe said

“I’ll get the plates,” Chelsea said, she was taking them when her head all of a sudden began to hurt, she tried to hold it but she fell down.

“Chess!!” Chloe screamed and rushed to her “are you okay?”

“I’m fine I just felt dizzy,” she said as Chloe help her get up.

”I think she’s sick,” Kyle said “I will go get her some medicine”

“Alright” she replied and helped Chelsea sit down on the chair in the living room

“I will dish out the food for you, try not to get up until I’m back,” she said and went to the kitchen

She came back with a bowl of spaghetti ” here I will feed you”.

“It’s fine Chloe, I can eat by myself,” she said

”No I will feed you,” she said Totally determined.

After a while, Kyle Came back but Chelsea was already asleep.

“By tomorrow I should go look for a stable job,” she said staring at Chelsea who was sleeping like a baby on the little bed.

“Alright, I’ll try to find a job too” he replied to her.

The next morning

“Bryan you don’t understand, once my mom makes up her mind there’s nothing you can do to change it,” Max said sitting on the chair behind his table in his office.

“So will you get married?” Bryan his best friend ask

“No,  I don’t know how to present a child to my mom,” he said

”Why don’t you adopt?” he asked

”Mom wants to see my fvcking wife pregnant” he replied with a gritted teeth

”Why don’t we look for someone who will carry your child and after giving birth she will disappear,” he said.

”Great idea but how do we find her?” he asked

”We could just put up an ad,” he said

”It not like we can put up an ad saying if you are willing to carry a child you will be rewarded,” he said sarcastically.

”Yeah but we could say we want to hire a maid,” he said

”But that will be a poor person,” he said disgustedly

“Yeah and she will make a good mother,” he said.

“Alright get to it,” he said and Bryan type something on his laptop

“Done,” he said smiling and Max nodded

“I hope it works,” he said.

Chloe was walking in the hot sun with her oversize skirt and her long hair packed in a ponytail

Her eyes caught a board written on it a maid needed

She rushed to it and entered the agency.

“Good afternoon ma’am, how may we help you?” A lady asks

”Actually I saw the ad outside, so I was hoping I will be hired,” she said innocently

”Go to this address,” the lady said handing over a note.

Chloe trekked to the address even though it was a bit far, she didn’t have money for transport so she had no choice.

She stood in front of a big mansion, wow if I get hired I will be able to pay all our debt, she sigh and went inside.

She knock on the door and a gentleman opened it

“Excuse me I’m supposed to have an interview here,” she said innocently.



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