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Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 13)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“You are joking, right? You don’t mean that” she said trying to control her tears.

”I’m not, I mean what I just said Chloe, I want us to go our separate ways,” he said

Chloe slapped him.

”Does that wake you up?”

”Chloe” he called again almost whispering, she wanted to slap him again but he held her hand “stop this”.

Being able to use both hands, she slapped him with her other hand.

“It’s you who should stop this nonsense!!” She yelled,” you promised, you promised to stay, to wait, you said you agree to it, then why? Why are you backing out now?”.

”I know I did, but I can’t do this anymore,” he said

Chloe started crying holding his shirt and shaking him “say you never meant anything you said, it was just a slip of tongue, say it!!”.

”Let’s go” he brushed her hands off him ” I already told you everything I want to, you can leave now”.

”Kyle come back here!!” she yelled

He turned back ” don’t come back, you won’t find me”

“Nooooo!!!” She yelled crying as she fell helpless to the floor

Max has been waiting for Chloe, he kept looking through the window

Mrs Ava already took Chelsea home saying it will only make Chloe more worried seeing her

Her car finally drove in, she came out of the car and walked inside with her eyes swollen and her clothes a bit dirty.

Max went to meet her “why are you late? Were you guys catching up that you forgot to come home?”.

He got no response he then notice her eyes, and he chuckled “did you cry? What did he say don’t worry? I will beat him up”.

”Get out of my way,” she said coldly.

When Max wasn’t leaving she pushed him aside and try to walk past him but he held her arm.

“What wrong?”

She glared at him saying nothing

”Hey,” he said softly.

”I don’t want to see you!” she yelled and went upstairs

He stared at her not understanding what exactly went wrong

He followed took her food and went upstairs, he stood by her door and knocked on the door “Chloe?”.

He got no response, he knocked again “Chloe please come out”

“You can’t sleep on an empty stomach, at least think about the baby”

”Leave,” she said

”Chloe!!” he called but didn’t get any response, he went back to return the food

Max was setting the table when Bryan came in.

“Good morning buddy” he greeted happily

“Morning” he replied dryly

”I guess your pregnant lady hasn’t been giving you much peace,” he said teasingly

”It’s not funny Bryan,” he said angrily

”What wrong?” he asked.

”I don’t know, she went to visit her boyfriend yesterday all happy but came back home sad and angry” he replied.

”What do you think happen?” he asked

”I don’t know” he replied

”Why did she go there?” he asked

“To inform him about the surgery they will be performing soon” he replied

”Then he must have refused to go into surgery or she must have seen something she doesn’t want to,” he said.

”What do you mean?” he asked but Bryan cough looking upstairs

Max turned around and saw Chloe standing on the stairs.

“Good morning Chloe” Bryan greeted and she nodded he turned to Max “I’ll leave now buddy”

She walked toward Max and took a sit at the dinning table

She didn’t utter a word she just took her food and began to eat.

After breakfast Max was the one that cleaned the table, she was sitting beside the window when Max walked up to her.

“Umm, we have to go to the hospital now for your check-up,” he said

”Alright” she replied and followed him outside, they both entered the car and drove to the hospital

“Good morning Max and Chloe” Romina greeted

“Morning” Max replied but Chloe didn’t say a word.

“Well, I am happy to inform you that you and the baby are fine but there is just a slight problem,” she said.

”What the problem doc?” Max asked

”Well seeing that Chloe is a virgin it would be hard to give birth by herself unless she goes through surgery”she said.

”So what do you mean?” Max asked

”It’s either she’s deflowered or she goes through surgery,” she said

”I’m not going through surgery,” Chloe said




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