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Contract Pregnancy Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 3)

Contract Pregnancy Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“Alright come in,” Bryan said as he make way for Chloe to pass.

“Wow this house is really beautiful,” Chloe thought as she stared around

“You may sit here,” Bryan said and he went upstairs

After a while, he came back with Max.

Chloe stood up, Max sat down and Bryan did the same

Chloe was still standing when Max cleared his throat “what’s your name?”

“Chloe sir, Chloe Micheals” she replied.

”You want to work here? “He asked

“Yes sir, I’m really good with household chores” she replied

“Well we already hired someone,” he said.

She gasped” but sir I can do it please I really need this job”

”Are you saying I should fire the person I already hired? “He asked and she nodded no

”But there’s another job for you if you are willing”

“Anything sir,” she said happily.

”It’s a contract,” he said ” you are going to carry my child and I will pay you at the end of the whole thing”

“I don’t understand you, sir,” she said.

”You are going to get pregnant for him and after giving birth you will be paid but don’t worry, you will get half of your payment once you are four months pregnant” Bryan explain better to her

She stood there like a statue and arch her eyebrows “umm, I don’t think I can do that sir, but if you have another job I will be willing”.

”Get out,” Max said coldly

”Wait,” Bryan said and she halt ” don’t worry about the expenses or anything during your pregnancy period we will cover any possible expenses you have and that won’t be part of your payment it will be more like a bonus”.

”I’m really sorry sir I have a boyfriend and I love him, doing this is more like betraying him,” she said and left.

”Idiot” Max muttered and went back to his room, a b!tch was lying on his bed.

“I’m going to take a shower before I come back, strip,” he said in a cold and harsh way

He took a quick shower and before he came back the b!tch was nacked.

He held her back and made her face the wall, he penetrate into her a$$, she moan he kept banging her from behind until he finally released.

He lay in the bed tired, the b!tch wanted more

“If you want more, satisfy yourself,” he said.

The b!tch grinned happily and started riding him until they both got tired.

Chloe went back home sadly when she got home the door was locked

Chelsea was supposed to be at home, but she went to their neighbour

“Excuse me ma’am have you seen my sister Chelsea?” She asked

“Yes, Kyle rushed her to the hospital earlier” she replied.

”Hospital? What happened?” she ask worriedly

”I don’t know but I think it is serious” she replied

”Which hospital ma’am?” she asks

”It must be the nearest one” she replied.

Chloe started running to the nearest hospital from their house, which was St Patrick’s hospital.

“Nurse a girl about ten years of age was brought here,” she said panting

”What her name?” the nurse asked

She was about to talk when Kyle called her “Chloe”

She rushed to him “what happened? Where is chess?”

“She fainted the doctor is attending to her,” he said

After a while the doctor came out, Chloe rushed to him “doctor how’s my sister?”

“She’s stable now,” he said.

“What’s wrong with her?” She asked

“Well it’s Leukaemia” he replied ” it’s a cancer of the blood”

”What do we do?” she asks

”Well in your sister’s case chemotherapy can’t help so we have to perform surgery and we need a bone marrow donor,” he said.

”Surgery” she called again as if she doesn’t understand what the word means

“We will be testing you two to see if you are a match well that’s if you are willing,” he said

”We are willing,” Kyle said and the doctor left.

”Kyle, what do we do? Where do we get the money?” She asked

”Didn’t you get a job?” he asked

”I did but I declined,” she said

”Why? We need the money” he said

“I can’t do it,” she said and explain everything to him

He sighs” let’s go see chess”



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