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Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract  (Episode 7)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Chloe was done dressing up, she just left the hospital and was waiting for a cab when a car pull over.

She bent her head to look at the fellow and it happen to be Bryan

“Good morning sir Bryan” she greets with a smile

“Morning” he replied “get in”

“Thank you” she replied fastening her seat belt

“You are heading to Max’s house right?” He asked

“Who’s Max?” She asked

“The guy you are going to carry his child,” he said

”Ohh yeah” she replied ”thank you for the money yesterday”

“You are welcome” he replied with his eyes focused on the road

They drove to the hospital and he asked her to stay at the entrance while he pack the car.

They went into the doctor’s room and Max was already there

“You guys are late,” he said coldly

“We are sorry,” he said

“Good morning everyone” the doctor greeted

“Morning” Bryan replied

”Alright since we are all here let’s get to work,” she said

“You are the girl, right? “The doctor asked and Chloe nodded

”We need to run some tests on you so if you don’t mind following me,” she said

”Sure,” she said and follow her out

A nurse came in and ask Max to follow her, he did and went into a room where he donate his sperm.

Of course, that wasn’t hard since he would turn on easily

After a while Chloe was back she had already given her egg

“After three weeks you can come back for the results,” the doctor said.

“Thanks, doc,” Max said and they all left

”Max can you drop her off I need to go somewhere,” Bryan said.

”I can’t do that why don’t you drop her off before going to wherever you are going,” he said

”I can’t, come on you guys just had indirect sex,” he said almost whispering to Max’s ear.

”Seriously! “He exclaimed.

“Yeah just drop her off,” he said and went to Chloe

”Here you can use this”

”But you gave me some yesterday,” she said.

”Collect it already,” he said shoving it into her hands

”Thank you, Bryan,” she said

”You will ride with Max” he said and left

“Get into the car,” Max said coldly and Chloe get in.

”Where are you heading to?” He asked

“To St Patrick’s hospital,” she said almost whispering.

“Why are you going to the hospital?” He asked while his eyes were fixed on the road

“My younger sister is sick” she replied.

“Is that why you are taking the job? “He ask

”Yes” she replies

When she got out of the car.

”Hey” Max call and she went to his side

“Here take this money and settle the bills” he said giving her some money.

”But Bryan already gave some”she said

“I know, I asked him to pay you everytime you come over” he said

She collected the money and thank him and she watch him drive away.

”Chloe” Chelsea calls sitting in a wheelchair

“Why are you outside?” she asked squatting to her height.

”I want to get some air,” she said

”You look Happy”

”Yes I got paid,” she said showing her the money

”Wow what type of job are you doing?” She ask.

“Umm not that great but good payment,” she said

”Are you sure? “She asked and she nodded.

……….. Three weeks later………………

Chloe was coming out of a room in the hospital limping

“What happened to your leg?” Max asked in disgust

”We just inserted the fertilized egg,” the doctor said

”Alright,” he said

”Take care of her and let her come for a regular check-up,” the doctor said

”Sure” he replied.

They both left the hospital and he drove to the hospital

“Kyle” Chloe call and he turned to her

He hugged her “are you okay?”

“Yes except that my thigh hurt a little,” she said.

“Sorry, is chess coming with you?” he asked

“Yes we came for her,” she said

They discharged Chelsea and transfer her to a better hospital.

“I’ll miss you,” he said and kissed her

“I’ll visit you from time to time,” she said and left

Maxwell got a personal doctor for Chelsea, and he and Chloe move to another house



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