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Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 14)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“Mom, you didn’t tell me you were coming,” he said totally surprised.

”Am I expected to get permission before coming into my son’s house?” She asked

”No but, you should have told me and how do you know I’ll be here? “He asked

”Ava did” she replied.

”Ohh have you eaten? “He asked

”Yes we ate, and aren’t you wondering who this is? “She asked

”Yes, I think she came with you right,” he said.

”Yes, it been months and I haven’t got any word from you, so I decided to bring you a wife,” she said

”A wife!? “He called again in disgust ” why would you do that? ”

”Yes, you remember our last conversation, don’t you? “She said.

”Yeah but, I told you I would do that on my own he said

”Good evening sir, I’m Vanessa by name,” the girl said flirtily.

”Mom” he called as if he was asking for her help

”I will return leave now take care of her,” she said standing up

”Mom you can’t leave, what will my wife say when she wakes up and find another woman in our house?” he asked.

”What do you mean by your wife? “She asked, “are you playing with me, we’ve been here almost half an hour and no one has come out of this house”.

”She must be asleep since she’s heavily pregnant,” he said ” I’ll go get her”

”I hope you are still here Chloe” he mutters walking upstairs

He opened the door to her room and saw her lying on the bed

“Chloe I really need your help,” he said rushing to her.

”Leave I don’t want to see you” she replied angrily

“Please I’ll leave but I really need your help, my mom is downstairs and she wants you,” he said

”Tell her I’m asleep,” she said, Max sighed and pulled her out of bed, he drag her downstairs

”Mom, here she is,” he said faking a smile with his hand around Chloe shoulder

“Good evening mom” Chloe greeted with a faint smile

“You were asleep, I have been here the whole time?” She said.

“Yes mom I was asleep so I didn’t hear you come in,” she said

“Max you didn’t tell me,” she said ” my daughter you should sit”

Chloe sat down and the lady Max’s mother brought stood up angrily and left.

”How are you? hope Max hasn’t been bothering you?” She asked

”No mom, we are fine” she replied.

”That’s good,” she said

”Mom, do you now believe me? “Max asked his mom

”I do, and I’m happy that you fulfil my wish,” she said

After a long chat, Max’s mom finally left, and Max drove her to his second house.

When Max came home Chloe was already asleep, he didn’t bother her

The next morning Chloe woke up a bit late, she sat on a couch in the living room.

“Good morning thank you for your help yesterday,” Max said to Chloe who was sitting on the couch

”Have you thought about what I Said?” She asked

“Chloe can’t you see how happy my mom was yesterday please don’t do this” he pleaded.

”There’s no point in doing this, Kyle isn’t going to donate his bone marrow anymore, how can we find a donor the little time left”she said crying.

”We will find a solution we definitely will, please change your mind,” he said

”Alright let’s leave Chelsea’s case what about giving birth, I can’t just let any man take my virginity,” she said.

”What do you suggest? “He asked

”I don’t know but unless I’m married I won’t sleep with any man,” she said

”Alright let’s have breakfast I’ll find a solution to everything,” he said and help her get up, they had breakfast and Max left the house.

Max came back with a man

Chloe was outside probably coming back from a stroll since it wasn’t sunny

“Hey,” Max said walking toward her.

“Welcome” she replied

They all went inside

”Umm Chloe this is my lawyer he will help with our marriage,” he said pointing to the man

”Marriage? What marriage?” She asked

“You said earlier that unless you are married you won’t allow such a thing,” he said trying to keep the real problem from the lawyer.

”So he will give us a legal marriage certificate”

“I will just need your signature ma’am,” the guy said and brought out a document

After they both signed it, the lawyer left and Max walk him out

“About your sister case I’m already working on it”he said

”Just because we are married by paper doesn’t mean you can touch me, until I’m ready I won’t allow it’s,” she said and stood up


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