Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 17)

 Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

 Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Chloe was done taking her bath her legs still hurts, she was literally limping

She wore a long huge gown since her stomach is big, she walked downstairs and saw Max doing something on his laptop.

“Hey angel,” he said

“What are you doing?” She asked hoping to peep but he blocked her way

”Nothing” he replied

”Is there something to eat?” She asked looking towards the kitchen

”Are you hungry again? You had breakfast not up to an hour” he said

”I’m not hungry I’m just looking for something to eat, there’s a difference,” she said

”So you want snacks,” he said

”No, I want fried Chicken and rice,” she said licking her lips hungrily

”And you said you aren’t hungry,” he said teasingly

”Whatever” she muttered

He stood up and ordered the food, she smiled happily as she wait for the food

Max continued with his work while Chloe kept staring outside hoping the meal would miraculous come to her.

She then remember what Chelsea said, she stared at Max and quickly look away when he raised his head.

“Can’t you get enough of my handsome face?” He asked jokingly

”Max can I ask you something?” she asked

Max knew she was serious so he gave her his full concentration

“What is it? Is something wrong?” He asked

“Not really but it’s about chess,” she said

”What about her?” he asked

”How do you plan on getting a donor for her?” She asked

He kept mute for a while ” why do you ask?”

”Nothing I’m just curious,” she said

”Don’t worry, why don’t you worry about you and the baby instead?” he said

“Max thank you for everything,” she said

”Are you seducing me again, I’m never tired you know?” he said

”What? I’m not seducing you” she said

“But you just did” he replied “Max thank you for everything”

He said trying to mimic her voice

She realized her voice really does sound seductive “I’m sorry”

After eating Max took her to the hospital

“You are good to go but they might be a slight problem so be prepared for it,” Romina said

”Alright but either way she’s still safe,” he said and she nodded

”Did you hear that you can give birth by yourself?” Max said happily as they walked outside the hospital.

”But they might be problem,” she said

“Why did you choose to hear that one unlike me I block my ear to it,” he said

“Wait isn’t that Kyle?”Chloe said

Kyle was with a pregnant lady and he was holding her waist as they walk out of the ultrasound room

“But whose that lady?” Max asked

Chloe walked up to them angrily “Kyle”

“Chloe” he gasps as if he saw a ghost

“So this is why you broke up with me?” She asked

“No,” he said and Chloe slapped him

”I’m sure it doesn’t hurt because you are a heartless monster,” she said half yelling.

”Chloe stop, this is a hospital,” he said ignoring the pain

”Ohh really thanks for reminding me which is why I should beat you and this pregnant zombie to pump so that you can be treated soon,” she said.

”Did you just call me a pregnant zombie?” the lady asked

”Yes is your ear faulty?” she asked with a smirk

”How dare you?” she said raising her hand to slap her but Max held it

”Lay a hand on her and I will make sure you won’t be alive, yoo hold your baby,” he said coldly to Kyle.

”What?” she exclaimed and stare at Kyle who just kept looking like a lost sheep

“Let go, babe,” Max said realising her hand and putting his hand around Chloe’s waist as he help her walk away from them.

“That was risky,” Max said as soon as they got into the car

“Risky not for me but for them,” she said

“What would have happened if I hadn’t been there?” he asked

”I would have beaten them to a pulp,” she said

”You are pregnant,” he said

”So! You think I can’t fight, I would have started with that boyfriend snatcher pregnant zombie” she said.

”He is no longer your boyfriend why does it hurt you to see him with someone else?” he asked

”That’s because it hurts that he broke his promise,” she said

He held her jaw and brought her face to his he smiled and kiss her passionately

“Max we are in a car” she said between the kiss

But Max didn’t respond

His phone rang making him break the kiss “ahhh” he groan

He moved the phone to his ear, the person must have said something unpleasant

His mood changed after he drops the phone

“Let’s go home,” he said without looking at Chloe.



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