Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 18)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Max has been quiet throughout the drive, Chloe kept stealing glares at him

She was wondering what was going through his mind

“I’ll be back,” he said not looking at her

“Max who called you?” She asked

“No one important” he replied

”What did the fellow say to make your mood change so much?” She asked

“Nothing” he replied faking a smile

He pecked her forehead ” I asked chess to come to keep you company for the meantime”

“Alright don’t stay long,” she said and got down

He watched her walk inside, he sighed and drove to the hospital

“What do you mean by I should schedule the surgery?” The doctor asked

“What don’t you understand in that? “He asked,” I said you should schedule the surgery tomorrow”

”Max your body can’t handle that, there is zero possibility of your survival,” he said

”I own my body” he replied” I will bring the girl tomorrow”

He sighed, knowing nothing he could say to make him change his mind” Alright, I’ll tell you the time”.

Max left the hospital and call Bryan to meet him up.

“You are late,” he said coldly as Bryan walked into the bar

”Sorry, I didn’t plan on leaving the house,” he said

“Whatever” he muttered

“Your mood seems off what’s wrong?” He asked

“I want you to meet me at my house tomorrow morning,” he said

”Is that why you called me here you could have just told me that over the phone?” he said

”I want to drink with you at least for the last time’” he said that last part in a low voice

” Why do you sound sad, is Chloe still planning on aborting the baby,” he asked

”No” he replied” Bryan I want you to know that you will always be my best friend”

“Stop sounding that way you are not yourself I think you drank way too much,” he said

”No I haven’t even ordered anything,” he said.

”Whatever let’s drink something now,” Bryan said ordering some alcoholic drinks

They both drank to their satisfaction but Max was sure not to get drunk

“Why are you restless he is not a boy he is a man,” Chelsea said to Chloe who look restless

”Chess he left with a, not too good look on his face,” she said sitting down

”He is fine” she replied “are you in love with him?”

“No of course not, I’m just worried” Chloe replied feeling shy

”I’m not sure of that I think we should call him or search for him,” she said

”Don’t bother him he is a man of himself he will come home when he wants to and you worrying like this is not good for you or the baby,” she said

”I really don’t care about that right now,” Chloe said. She peep outside and saw Max drive in” he’s here”.

She rushed out happily, he came out of the car and hand the key over to the driver

“Welcome, if you haven’t come earlier someone would have had hypertension,” Chelsea said teasingly.

”I’m sorry” he apologized ” the driver will take you home”

Chloe pecked Chelsea and she went to the car, they both watched the car drive out of the compound.

“Where have you been?” Chloe ask Max as soon as Chelsea was gone

“With Bryan” he replied as they walk in

“Was it Bryan that call you and that you had a mood swing?” she asked

” I didn’t” he replied,” have you eaten?” He asked trying to change the topic

”Yes” she replied.

He locked eyes with her “Chloe I want you to take care of the baby no matter what, I want you to have the baby”.

”Why do you sound like that? Is it because I said I will abort the Baby? Of course, I won’t” she said smiling.

”I love you, Chloe, you and the baby unconditionally,” he said hugging her

”You are scaring me,” she said as they hug

”Let’s go to sleep I’m tired,” he said holding her hand.

……The next day…..

They were done having breakfast when Bryan walked in

“Good morning Chloe” he greeted

“Morning Bryan” she replied

“Let’s go to my room,” Max said and they went upstairs.

”What’s up man,” Bryan said taking a seat on his bed

He handed to him a document, Bryan took it and open it it was his last will

“Bryan I want you to give that to my mom tomorrow morning,” he said

“What do you mean? Are you committing suicide?” he asked teasingly but when he saw his mood he became serious ” what is going on?”.

“I plan on donating my bone marrow to chess I have zero chance of survival so I want you to take care of them for me,” he said.

”What do you mean? Why would you do that?” he asked

”Because I love Chloe and I want to see her happy” he replied

“What about your mother? How do you think she will feel?” he asked raising his voice

”I don’t want Chloe to hear us out, lower your voice,” he said

”She doesn’t even know you are going on a suicide mission for her,” he said

”Enough man I love her” he replied

”I get it that you love her, but you are not the first person to love don’t do this Max” he pleaded

”One more thing, give this letter to Chloe tomorrow,” he said

”I don’t want to you can do that yourself,” he said.

”Bryan please, help me I know you are angry but it’s too late,” he said

”Max” he called softly and pulled him into a hug

”Thanks man,” he said

They both went downstairs

“Chloe” Max called and she turned to him “I’ll be out for a while”

”Alright don’t take long,” she said and he nodded

He pecked her forehead and they left

Max went to pick Chelsea up, they left for the hospital

“Max, why am I changing into a hospital wear?” Chelsea ask max

“Chess you will go into surgery today,” he said

”What? Did you get a donor?” she ask but paused “Are you the donor?”.

He smiled and held her hand as tears pour out of her eyes “don’t cry chess everything will be fine”

”But it might not be,” she said ” what about Chloe? what about your baby?”

”They will be fine, which is why you should be strong for your sister,” he said

”You should be too,” she said crying he hugged her and close his eyes to avoid the tears in his eyes.

“You should get ready for surgery too,” the doctor said and Max pulled from the hug

A nurse took Chelsea and they went away




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