Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 19)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“Doctor whatever happens I want you to save Chelsea,” Max said as he walk into the surgery room.

Chelsea was already there and she was already asleep.

“Don’t worry Mr Mondragon, we will do our best to secure the both of you, ” he said

He lay on the bed with his back and the drip was fixed to his hand, he soon drifted to sleep.

Chloe kept staring outside, Max has been out of the house since morning and he is yet to return

She kept calling his number but he wasn’t picking up, her baby kept kicking it was hurting but not that much.

She couldn’t eat but all of a sudden she remember what Max told her to take care of the baby

She ate some and went outside, she stood by the door and wait for Max

It was getting late so she decided to go to sleep.

              The next day

She woke up quite tired, she went to Max’s room but the bed was still untouched

She sighed and was walking downstairs slowly when Bryan open the door

“Bryan have you seen Max, he hasn’t come back home since yesterday?” She asked rushing down the stairs.

”Slow down, you are pregnant,” he said “actually that’s why am here”

”What happened to him? Did he get hurt? “Word rush out of her mouth

”I’m not sure,” he said,” he asked me to give you this in case things get out of hand”

“What do you mean by things get out of hand? “She asked

”He went into surgery yesterday, he and Chelsea and he might not survive it,” he said

”Chelsea went into surgery and I wasn’t aware,” she said

”I think you will understand him better if you read this,” he said stretching his hand

She quickly collected the letter and started opening it

“Chloe, by the time you open this letter I would have been out of surgery but I’m not sure if I will be alive but I will make sure your sister will be safe.”

Chloe, you might be wondering why I didn’t tell you, it’s because I don’t want you to worry, I love you and the baby, I want you to be there for our child and I want you to be a daughter to my mom.

To my baby, baby I want you to listen to your mom once you are old enough don’t give her problems when you are coming into this world, always be a good kid and always remember Daddy loves you and mommy, I’m sorry I have to do this but this is to save your aunt.

Chloe I want you to be strong for our baby I love you”

She fell to her knees as tears roll out of her eyes, she kept crying none stop, Bryan stood there not knowing what to do.

She stood up and wipe her tears “he is joking this is some kind of test right?”

“I’m sorry Chloe I don’t want to believe it either,” he said sadly

“No he can’t leave us he has no right to leave us,” she said shaking her head

“Chloe you have to be strong for your baby,” he said holding her shoulders

”I can’t, I can’t do this Bryan I can’t,” she said

”I know you can and Max believes it too,” he said hugging her

He took her to her room and pet her until she fell asleep with tears in her eyes

Bryan went to Mrs Mondragon (Max’s mom) he met her with Mrs Ava.

He explained everything to her and gave her his will, she said she wanted to see Chloe and Bryan took her and Mrs ava to his second house.

Chloe was sulking in her room when they went in

“Chloe dear” she called softly

“Mom, he …. He…” She stuttered

She hugged her tight as they both went profusely

“I want to see him,” she said and Mrs Mondragon pulled away from her.

”Are you sure? “She ask and she nodded

Bryan drove them all to the hospital

“Doctor, how are they doing?” Chloe asked crying

“He slip into a coma last night, but your sister woke up and she’s fine,” he said

“Can we see him? “Bryan ask and the doctor led the way

”He is not really stable he keeps having cardiac arrest but we are trying our best to save him,” he said.

”Doctor please do everything in your power to save him” his mother pleaded trying to be strong.

”We will,” he said

“Umm let’s talk,” Bryan said to the doctor and they walked away

“Nurse take us to Chelsea” Mrs Mondragon said

“Chloe” Chelsea call weakly as the door to her ward was open and Chloe walked in

“Chelsea” she called crying.

“Don’t cry, I’m fine,” she said with a faint smile “how is Max? Has he woken up?

”I’m afraid he hasn’t,” Mrs Mondragon said sitting beside her bed ” but don’t worry dear he will be fine”.

“It’s all my fault he did it for me,” Chelsea said crying

”No it’s not, he did it for all of us and he will survive it I believe” she replied her trying not to cry



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