Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 20)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“Dear you should get some rest,” Mrs Mondragon said to Chelsea.

“Alright,” she said nodding, Chloe help her lay her back on the sofa bed

“You should rest too,” she said to Chloe

“I’m okay, I’ll just stay here” she replied

“I’m insisting,” she said

”Alright let’s go see Max first,” Chloe said and they went to his room

He was still lying there like a lifeless person, his face looked pale, with a drip fixed to his hand

Chloe couldn’t help the tears falling out of her eyes.

“You should stop crying, it’s not the best thing to do in this situation, we should pray for him,” Mrs Mondragon said.

”Mom he shouldn’t be in this condition it’s not okay,” she said still crying

She held her shoulder and pulled her closer for a hug, she hit her tight crying too

“Umm I think we should leave now,” Bryan said standing by the door

”Alright, let’s go,” Mrs Mondragon said Cleaning the tears in her eyes, while Chloe did the same

They went to his second house where his mom and Mrs Ava stayed

“You should eat dinner, I’m sure you haven’t eaten anything,” Mrs Mondragon said to Chloe

”I’m not hungry” she replied.

“Think about your baby, I’m sure Max wouldn’t want you guys to starve because of him,” she said

”Mom I’m really not hungry,” she said

”Do you want me to lose two kids at a time?” She asked, “I can’t lose Max and my grandchild at the same time”.

”You won’t lose either of them,” Mrs Ava said trying not to cry

”Well if you don’t want me to, plead with Chloe to eat,” she said

”My dear, you shouldn’t be like this, we know it is not easy but you should try to eat something,” Mrs Ava said.

”Alright I’ll eat,” she said and stood up, she walked towards the dining room

After dinner, she was waiting to go home

“Where’s Bryan?” Chloe asked Mrs Ava

“He left, Why are you looking for him?” She asked

“I was hoping he will take me home,” she said

“You are sleeping here” Mrs Mondragon said,” I can’t let you go back there all alone,who knows what might happen in the night”.

“I’m going to be fine,” she said trying to assure her

”No I’m not letting you leave,” she said and turned to Mrs Ava ” please help her get a room ready”

“Alright” she replied and went upstairs

Chloe sighed and sat on the couch.

“Don’t worry too much, he’s going to be fine, I know the kind of child I raised,” she said

”Mom I’m worried, what if he doesn’t wake up?” She asked

“He will and he will be a father to your child” she replied

“Her room is ready” Mrs Ava said

Mrs Mondragon helped Chloe to stand up and walked her to her room.


Three months later


Chloe was done dressing, she was going to the hospital, she was just wearing her shoes when Chelsea open the door.

“Grandma said you should hurry or else she won’t bring you along,” she said standing by the door

”I’ll be there” she replied, holding the table beside her to stand up

She walked downstairs holding the stairs, she held her back as she woke outside

“What took you so long,” Mrs Mondragon asked

“I woke up a bit late” she replied

“It must be the Baby,” Chelsea said

”He’s been kicking more lately and it hurt,” Chloe said

”You should see a doctor” Mrs Mondragon said

“No need, I’m sure I’ll give birth soon but I just hope Max wakes up before then” she replied.

”Let’s go now,” Chelsea said and they all went into the car.


“I’ll take Chelsea to see the doctor, she’s been complaining about her stomach,” Mrs Mondragon said.

”I’ll go first then,” Chloe said and walked to Max’s Ward

She sat beside him on the bed, holding his hand.

“Good morning Max” she greeted “it been three months, I think you should wake up now, I will give birth soon and I want you to be there by my side.

I’m really scared, I don’t want our child to come into this world without his father by his side, and there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you, I don’t know when it started but I’m in love with you Max, I love you and I don’t want to lose you.

Max, I’m pleading, please wake up, we need you, please”

Tears were gushing out of her eyes uncontrollably, she rested her head on him and cry more until she fell asleep on the spot.

Mrs Mondragon walked in with Chelsea and smiled seeing her sleeping on Max.

She tapped her “Chloe we should leave now”

She stood up “I’m sorry I fell asleep”

”It’s fine, you were just tired,” she said

They were walking out of the ward about to get to the reception when Chloe wince in pain

“My stomach” she winced

“Chloe” Chelsea called in fear

“My leg hurts,” she said

“Your water broke, you are about to give birth,” Mrs Mondragon said in fear and Joy

”Nurse, help us” Chelsea yelled

Our baby is about to come out oooo, who else is feeling cold.



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