Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 21 Semi Final)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Chloe was panting and sweating as her leg parted on the bed, with the doctor and nurse surrounding her.

“Mrs Mondragon please push one more time” the doctor pleaded

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she screams.

“Mrs Mondragon please you need to do this with all your might” the doctor pleaded again

She stared at the ceiling for a while before pushing again but the baby wasn’t coming out

“Please you really need to do this so” she pleaded again

“I’m thirsty,” Chloe said almost whispering

”I’m sorry but you can’t have water” she replied

“I’m exhausted, just a little water,” she said

The doctor sighed and walk to a nurse Standing by the door “we should prepare her for surgery”

At the sound of that, Chloe thought about her memories with Max, she closed her eyes and remember every last word of his.

She closed her eyes as tears flow freely out of her eyes, she breathe in and push really hard

“Doctor the baby is coming,” a nurse said and the doctor rush to her

”Push one more time,” she said and Chloe did

The cry of a baby fill the room and the doctor gently carry a baby that was covered in blood

“It’s a boy,” she said happily

“Doctor I think there’s one more baby,” a nurse said

The doctor parted her legs a bit and saw a tiny baby head

”Mrs Mondragon, you need to push one more time, there’s one more baby,” she said

”What? But I’m tired” she weakly

”I know but you really have to be strong,” she said

She nodded and push one more time

The baby was out, the doctor carried her and smile “it’s a girl, congratulations you gave birth to twins”

She nodded and passed out

”Mrs Mondragon” a nurse yelled shaking her but she already lost consciousness

…The next day…

Chelsea was playing with the girl that was placed in the baby cot with her brother who was already asleep

Chloe was still unconscious, a drip was fixed to her wrist

She groan and open her eyes a little, she looked around the room and saw Chelsea who was playing with the baby.

“Chelsea” Chloe called weakly

Chelsea quickly rushed to her ” Chloe how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, what happened?” She asked

“You had twins,” she said looking at the baby cot, Chloe look in the direction and smiled “you’ve been unconscious for almost a day”.

“Has Max woken up?” She asked

”No” Chelsea replied sadly

”I have to see him,” Chloe said sitting up

“What? You just woke up, why don’t you recover first” Chelsea said

”I have to see him now,” she said, she looked around the room ”where’s mom?”

”She went to get something” she replied

”Help me get up, ”Chloe said and the door opened, a nurse walked in

“Mrs Mondragon you are awake,” the nurse said

“Nurse I need to see Max,” she said

“Are you sure?” She ask and Chloe nodded

She got her a wheelchair and help her sit on it

”Can I bring the kids?” She asked

“Sure,” the nurse said and carry the baby girl, she placed her gently in Chloe’s hands while Chelsea carried the boy.

They went to Max’s room he was still lying there unconscious

Chloe was wheeled to his side, while Chelsea stood beside her

“Max wake up now, your kids are here,” she said shaking him ”look at your baby, they need you please wake up”

She held his hand, and all of a sudden the baby started crying, both of them

Chloe was trying to calm her down while Chelsea was doing the same, but they wouldn’t stop

“Chloe” someone called and she raised her head, it was Max

“Max, you are awake,” she said

“What that noise?” He asked

Chloe smile and raised the baby who was still crying ” it’s our baby”

”Why is Chelsea carrying one too?” He asked

“We have twins,” she said smiling

” Really?” he asked and she nodded with a smile

“I will go get the doctor now,” the nurse said and left

”How are you feeling?” the doctor ask checking his vitals

”I’m fine” he replied

”That’s good, I’ll leave now,” she said and left

Max’s mom opened the door and went to sit beside her son

“How are you feeling son?” She asked

“I’m fine mom” he replied

Chelsea gave the baby boy to her and she showed him to Max

”Son here is your son, he looks like you,” she said smiling

“Are you happy mom?” he asked

”Yes, I have my grandchildren and my son and my daughter, what more can I ask for?” She said

”You now have grandchildren, I fulfilled your wish,” he said

”Thank you,” she said smiling as she played with the baby’s hand

”Chloe bring her,” she said and Chloe walk forward holding the baby girl

”Umm what name should we name them?” Max asked

“JJ” Chelsea replied

”What does that mean?”Chloe asked giving the baby to Max

“Joanna for baby girl and Jonathan for baby boy, so JJ” she replied

“I like it,” Max’s mom said

”Me too” Max and Chloe chorused




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