Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 22 Final)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

Chloe and Max with the twins have been discharged, and they all moved to Max’s other house where he lived with Chloe.

Chloe was done taking her bath, she was dressed just zipping her clothes when Max walked in.

“Hey help me with this,” she said turning her back to him

He helped her zip up, she turned to him and asked “where are the kids?”

“They are with Chelsea” he replied

”Why did you leave them with her?” she queried looking worried

“Don’t worry mom and Mrs Ava is with them, ”he said sitting on the bed

”You look worried is everything okay?” She asked

But he was unable to answer when the door opened and Chelsea walked in

“Bryan is here,” she said

“Alright we will be there,” Chloe said and pull Max “let’s go”

They walked downstairs together and saw Bryan carrying one of the twins

“Why did you let him carry him, he could drop him” Max queried

“Don’t worry I’m not as clumsy as you are and it’s she not a he” Bryan replied

”Whatever give me back my child I don’t trust you,” he said moving closer

”No, Chloe actually gave us two so you carry the boy” Bryan replied holding the baby tightly

”Either way they are still my kids,” he said still trying to carry her

“I know but I’m their godfather so I carry whoever I want,” Bryan said

”Who made you their godfather?” Max asked

”If I’m not then who is?” he asked

”You” he replied dryly.

“Son come carry Jonathan, let Bryan be,” Max’s mom said

He nodded and went to carry Jonathan from Mrs Ava

“I won,” Bryan said happily.

“I still don’t trust you with my daughter, why on Earth did you decide to carry the girl?” Max asked

”Because she is cute just like her mother” he replied

”What about Jonathan?” Max asked

“He is cute like his grandma” Bryan replied

”What about me?” Max asked angrily

”I don’t think JJ looks like you,” he said

”Calm down guys, Jonathan looks like his daddy and Joanna looks like her momma and grandma,” Chelsea said

”Thanks Chelsea” Max said happily.

”Once you are done arguing about similarity come and have dinner,” Mrs Ava said.

They all walked to the dining room, while Max and Bryan place JJ in their walker

They all ate happily and had fun, Bryan left, and he drove Mrs ava and Chelsea home

While Mrs Mondragon stayed back because of the kids.

Max and Chloe have to sleep in the same room, because of Mrs Mondragon.  she’s going to suspect something

“Umm Max, you wanted to tell me something earlier, what was that?”Chloe asked

”I’ve been thinking a lot about us,” he said

”What do you mean about us,” Chloe asked with a puzzled look

”The contract,” he said and her mood changed.

Yeah how could she have forgotten about the contract, she felt sad

She never thought she will feel this way but spending time with JJ and Max’s mom has made her so happy

“Yeah I’m sorry I forgot,” she said sadly

“Actually I’m thinking of terminating it,” he said and she raised her head to look at him.

”Did I just hear you right? You want to terminate the contract?” she asked.

” Yes! don’t you want to?” he asked

“Of course, I want that too, I can’t bear to live a day without you and JJ,” she said

He smiled and moved closer to her ” I can’t live without you guys too”

He knelt down and brought out a ring

”Chloe will you do me the honour of being my bride?” he asked

She smiled and nodded ” yes Max, I’ll be your bride”

He slip the ring into her finger and stood up.

He pecked her forehead and hugged her tight she smiled and wrapped her hands around him too.


…The next day…

Chloe woke up a bit late, she quickly dressed up and rush downstairs

Mrs Ava and Chelsea were already there and they were both carrying the kids


She pecked Chelsea “good morning sis,” she said and took Jonathan from her.

“Good morning Mrs Ava” she greeted

“Morning” she replied

”Good morning JJ,” she said with a smile

Mrs Mondragon came downstairs

“Good morning mom” she greeted

“Morning dear, hope you had a wonderful night’s rest?” she asked

”Yes mom, and hope JJ didn’t bother you?” she asked

”No they both slept perfectly” she replied

Chloe looked around the house and ask “where’s Max”?”

”He is preparing breakfast,” Chelsea said

Chloe gave Jonathan back to Chelsea and went to the kitchen

“Good morning love” Max greeted with an apron tied around his bare body showing his abs.

”Morning, what are you preparing?” She asked

“It’s a secret,” he said with a smile

She smiled and back hugged him ”I’m happy I met you”

He turned to her and pecked her lips and the peck turn into a kiss they were still kissing when Chelsea stood by the door holding Jonathan.

“Hey, guys don’t burn the food!” She yelled

“Chelsea” Chloe called and she rushed back to the living room smiling

They all lived happily ever after


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