Cues and Lyrics: Suuparstar TZ wins best performer of throwback challenge

It is the sixth week already and the show is increasingly becoming tougher and more challenging, with contestants on Joy Prime’s Cues and Lyrics music reality show putting in their best as the weeks unfold.

The competing musical talents have proven their worth by unearthing great musical dexterity over the past few weeks.

The ten out of twelve contestants were tasked with throwing back to the 80s and 90s by bringing on tunes by celebrated and legendary musicians.

All contestants put in effort to honour some of the veterans in the industry across the world, but young rapper Suuparstar TZ topped the challenge with a tremendous performance of “Odo Colour” by George Darko.

Known for his rap ‘bars’, Suuparstar TZ came in with a different vibe as he sang the song with a little addition of his rap, which impressed the judges.

Cues and Lyrics: Suuparstar TZ wins best performer of throwback challenge

Guest judge, Dr. Poundz, could not hold his excitement and said, “I was just telling Bullgod that if this guy is a rapper, he needs to add some rap to this song, and you just did it. I was waiting to hear that rap, and you did justice to it. I love this one.”

Adding his comments to it, Bullgod said, “You’re a superstar. Keep it up.”

Suuparstar TZ’s performance

All contestants were applauded for reliving the tunes of some legendary musicians with their art.

Cues and Lyrics airs every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on the Joy Prime channel. Join the excitement and continue to vote for your favourite to pick the ultimate price.

Cues and Lyrics; bring on the music.

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