Date Rush: Ignatius Who Broke Hearts Of Ladies Is Allegedly Married

Ignatius and The Alleged Wife

Sources revealed that, the gentleman who broke the hearts of the ladies on date rush is allegedly married to another woman.

Soon after the show which produced one of the unexpected outcomes, many people took to social media to express their feelings towards how Ignatius treated the ladies.

Whilst the men who understand the “boy code” praised him for making the brotherhood proud by calling the bluff on the ladies, other ladies equally saw his decision as a disrespect to the contestants.

His decision shocked many but the real reason may have been revealed by recent posts on social media. Reports have it that, Ignatius is allegedly married to one beautiful lady currently.


This obviously might be the main reason why he took such decision but the main question many people are asking is this: why does he have to partake in the show in the first place if he is already engaged? Many refer to his decision to partake in the “love finding” show as an attempt to play with the emotions of ladies.

To those who are not familiar with this program, Date Rush is a reality show which premiers on TV3 every Sunday. It allows ten beautiful ladies to contest for a man who is presented to them. The ladies are given options to chose base on their interest or otherwise in the men.

According to the rules, if the person involve does not meet your criteria as a lady, you are free to put off your light for others to continue with the contest.

The number of ladies must be reduced to two, then the man is allowed to ask a question and chose the lady with the best answer.

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