Date Rush:FreeLove Speaks After People Trolled Her On Social Media About How Ignatius Embarrased Her


After several trolls on social media concerning how Date Rush Ladies especially Freelove was snubbed by Ignatius, Freelove has spoken to clear the air. Spotted a video of Freelove lamenting on why she got angry when Ignatius shunned her. According to her she really liked Ignatius and she was expecting same feelings from him.


But as she earliar said in the date rush show that Ignatius didn’t know what he wanted, she pounded on it again in her video and showed displeasure of what happend.


“I see how everyone is trolling me, i mean get it, i liked him that why i was angry…i was pissed off. I don’t know…It seemed as if he didn’t know what he want, actually he didn’t know what he wanted, it’s not okay to do that to someone, i like you it’s obvious just like me back..can’t you just like me back?? Oh My God….

she said.

Watch Freeelove Speak Below:








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