Date Rush:Ignatius Is Broke And Lives Hand To Mouth – Ex- Girlfriend Alleges


Today’s TV3 Date Rush got more famous by one and only fine boy Ignatius after he shunned all the ladies available in an embarrassing manner.

Today marks the end of TV3‘s Date Rush programme and fans who keenly followed the programme, were expecting an end in a mega style nut it was otherwise.

Things went sour on the night when one fine boy turned down all the proposals from all the ladies who expressed love him – none fits his style.

Most notable among the ladies was one Freelove who even coined a quote during the live  session of the program out of the love she has for fine boy Ignatius .

Well, he is now the man of the town – on all lips, especially fans of the Date Rush programme, but his alleged ex-girlfriend is out with a huge ‘expose’ on how broke and flirty fine boy is.

She revealed that, Ignatius is a ‘hand to mouth’ guy on daily basis. And she was the one who sponsored for his food, bills and accommodation.

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