Energy Transition: Experts warn of possible job cuts if not executed properly

As Ghana embarks on its energy transition agenda, some experts have warned of possible job cuts if the government do not transition well.

According to the Deputy Director in charge of Nuclear and Alternative Energy at the Ministry of Energy, Dr. Robert Sogbadji, the government should train more young people within the Oil and Gas sector to explore various opportunities within the space.

Speaking to Joy Business at the launch of the “2023 Think Energy SDGs Awards”, Dr. Sogbadji called for stringent policies to support the sector.

“The energy transition has its own negative effects and benefits. There will be issues with the oil and gas sector if we don’t transition well. We need to train people within that space. We are doing that to minimise the effect. The human resource can be greatly affected”.

“If we don’t take care, Europeans will use here as their dumping sites for their unused cars. So all these are things we need to be careful about”, he said

On her part, President and founder for the Africa Energy Technology Center, Emelia Akumah said industry players within the energy ecosystem should push for policies that will drive development in the sector.

“It is important we come together to have a conversation on how we can help to improve the sector. We need some more technology within the space to drive development” she stated.

The Think Energy SDGs Awards as part of the African Energy and Sustainable Summit 2023 is a global prestigious award which is designed to celebrate & honour corporate and academic institutions working together to achieve global leadership on SDG 4,7,13, 14, and 17. The awards seek to encourage innovation, impact, and sustainability in the energy sector.

Meanwhile, the Africa Energy Technology Conference is Africa’s premiere energy technology-driven exhibition and networking conference that seeks to create a distinctive platform for key stakeholders and industry players within the energy ecosystem, as part of making Africa the ultimate destination for global energy-centered discussions and policies that propel industry development.

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