Entrepreneurship best solution to unemployment – Lexvee Agro Processing MD

Unemployment is an age-old problem that has had a negative impact on Ghana’s economy, and successive governments have tried to possibly reduce its rate.

Unfortunately, the increasing rate has almost tripled over the past decade, typically affecting youth and resulting in adverse effects such as poverty, theft, prostitution, and the like.

The Managing Director for Lexvee Agro Processing Limited, Ivy Edith Opare Yeboah, argues for the motion that entrepreneurship is the best solution to curb the unemployment situation, and the youth need to be involved.

“I agree 100%… “For me, I will say that the best is to be an entrepreneur, seriously,” the MD stated during a discussion on Prime Morning on Tuesday with Roselyn Felli.

Even though working in a corporate environment is good, she feels it limits the individual’s capabilities and potential.

However, she thinks it is advisable for corporate workers to have their own side hustles so as to explore their abilities. She said it is very important and should be most desired among the youth.

“Even if you are in the corporate environment, you can also think of doing something on the side, because honestly speaking, there is nothing like being independent,” Ivy indicated.

Also speaking on the show, the Chief Executive Officer of Freight Connect Company Ltd., Paul Jesse Mansah buttressed the fact that entrepreneurship is the best solution to unemployment by saying, “Being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways forward.”

However, Paul advised the youth to take an interest in learning from experts before establishing themselves and teaching others.

The question of “how to start the business?” is sometimes the major problem for most people.

Mr. Paul Mensah urged that after gaining business ideas, one needs to seek capital from friends or relatives to set up the business, but not from banks.

However, when the business gains strength in the future, borrowing from banks can be an option, depending on its capacity and productivity.

He said it is advisable to start on a small scale with limited resources or capital and effectively expand the business.

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