Even Jesus dined with sinners – Kaywa replies critics questioning his work for secular artistes

Kaywa, one of Ghana’s top music producers has been in the industry for over two decades working with the gospel and secular musicians. But as a church boy, Kaywa disclosed that some have challenged his association or seemingly promotion of ‘ungodly’ songs.

In response, Kaywa revealed on 3FM Drive that his work is not limited to Christians alone. He pointed out that Jesus Christ came to save everyone, irrespective of their faith. Thus as a Christian, his association with non-Christians should not come as a surprise.

“Jesus left his throne, and when he came down, there were many times he was not found in the synagogue. Most of the time, he was found with the sinners. If I’m a follower of Jesus. If I’m with the sinners, now they condemn me but remember, Jesus went through the same condemnation.

“But you see, the purpose is transformation. It’s not just mingling. If you follow me, you will realise that anyone who talks about me, talks about transformation.”

Kaywa disclosed that his purpose as a ‘saved’ one was to go out into the world and ‘save‘. Safe to say, Kaywa is using his craft as a mode of evangelism to win souls for Christ.

“I seek to demystify the religious act of people so we can bring ourselves to a place where we understand that Jesus came to save all.”

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