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Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract (Episode 10)

Contract Pregnancy, Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The Contract

“Kyle” Chloe call banging on the door but she didn’t get a response.

“Where could he go to?”

She walked back to the door feeling sad, she really missed him

She was about to leave when she heard someone call her “Chloe”.

She turned around and it was Kyle she rush to meet him, she hugged him tight

“I missed you,” she said wrapping her hands around his waist

He chuckled ” It’s only been two days”.

He raised her eyes to meet his gaze “it only been two days?! Are you saying you don’t miss me? ”

”Noo of course I do,” he said pecking her lips.

She withdrew from the hug and held his hand ”how have you been?”

“I’m fine, how are you guys? “He asked as they walked to the car

”We are fine” she replied.

“That’s good” he replied “you look beautiful”

”Really!!” she asked excited and he nodded

”Thank you”.

”You are welcome,” he said smiling

They chatted for a while before they finally left, she decided to go to see chess but she had already gone out with Mrs Ava.

She went back home, she was closing the door behind her when Max ask “where have you been?”

“Of my gosh” she flinched in fear “I went to see Kyle”

”Why didn’t you tell me? “He query.

”Why should I? You said I could go to wherever I want” she said

”I did but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell me,” he said.

”Well you were having fun when I left and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to ruin it” she replied

He scoffed” have you eaten? ”

”Why do you care?” She asked

“I don’t care if you starve to death I just don’t want the angel in you to starve,” he said

”Seriously” she muttered angrily.

”Let’s eat,” he said and he sat down, she didn’t answer him

“Come and eat” he commanded and she still didn’t move.

He move closer to her and pull her hand but she was so adamant, he got furious and tried to hit her but she close her eyes in fear.

He sighed “you are Lucky”

“Now come and eat and don’t make me repeat myself”

She groan and went to sit down, she take a little portion of food and started eating.

He stared at her as she eat angrily, she rush the food and stood up

“Wake up early tomorrow we are going to the hospital,” he said and she didn’t respond

…..The next six months… At the hospital………..

“The baby is fine, you are both in perfect health,” Romina said after the ultrasound

”Umm she sleeps a lot, eats a lot and cries easily,” Max said angrily.

“Seriously I cry easily it’s your fault you are always yelling at me,” she said almost crying

”You see what I was talking about,” he said pointing to her eyes that have already swelled up in tears

“It’s fine,” Romina said giving her a handkerchief ” it’s normal all you have to do is understand her”

Max nodded and they both left, Chloe’s stomach is a bit big it had been six months.

She has been avoiding Chelsea, she doesn’t know what to tell her about her pregnancy

“I don’t want to ride with you,” Chloe said putting her hand behind her back to support herself

“Why?!” Max asked confused.

“You are tired of me aren’t you?” She asked

“Tired of course not how can I be,” he said with a faint smile

”You are,” she said almost yelling

”Please let’s not argue here, let’s just go home quietly,” he said creasing her back and literally pushing her into the car.

He sighed and entered the driver’s seat too

As soon as they got home, Chloe got down first and went inside.

“Surprise!!” Chelsea yell as soon as she open the door but the smile left her face as her eyes landed on Chloe’s stomach

“Why is your stomach big?”

“Umm chess, I…I..can…. chess” she stuttered

”Are you pregnant?” she asked

”Chelsea” she called but she pushed her and ran out of the house, Chloe followed her.

“Chelsea wait” she called.

Max watched the sisters running after each other, Chloe caught up with her and held her arm “chess listen to me”.

“I don’t want to, you haven’t been visiting, I thought you were busy but you were just hiding this from me,” she said pointing to her big stomach.

”I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention, I just didn’t know what to say to you,” she said as tears pour out of her eyes.

”You told me you weren’t sleeping with him but you are already carrying his baby in your stomach,” she said crying too.

”I’m sorry Chess I didn’t mean to” she pleaded crying profusely.

”You told me never to keep secrets but you were keeping something worse, how can you be pregnant with a stranger child and you Abaddon Kyle,” she said.

Max only stood there and watched them argue.

”Chess it’s not what you think I didn’t,” she said

“Then explain all this!! You are not my sister I don’t ever want to see you again I hate you Chloe” she yelled and ran but she couldn’t run far when she felt dizzy and fell down.

“Chelsea!!” Chloe screamed and rushed to her, she carry her head on her lap crying, Max walked to her and carried her inside.

After a while, the doctor came and took care of her.

“I told you she wouldn’t need surgery urgently on one condition, take care of her but you went ahead and defile that,” she said.

”Will she be alright?”Chloe ask panicking, as she kept crying

”She was just shocked she will be fine, I will check on her tomorrow,” she said and left

”Stop crying it’s not good for you or the baby,” Max said walking closer to her

“Max I’m I a bad sister?” She asked crying.

“No you did what was best for her, she will understand,” he said patting her and she rested her head on his shoulder.


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