Fella Kuti’s son sets the record straight with men

Son of legendary musician Fela Kuti, Sean Kuti has explained the real reason women were created in an Instagram post.

In his Instagram post, he explained that women were not created to be used or mishandled by men.

He said, the misconception that women were created for men should be erased from the minds of men because African women have walked around practically naked for 1000s of years without rape and so he is baffled why this modern age men would abuse women.

He captioned his post as;

Women weren’t created for men. Women weren’t created at all, for men. That lie must be erased from ur head. It’s not a coincidence that 95 percent of all rapists are both Christians and Muslims. African women walked around practically naked for 1000s of years so what women wear isn’t an excuse neither. How about the damage the Catholic church is doing to our boys and sharia courts sentencing women who defend themselves from rape to death!! We must fight rape culture. I keep telling you guys, as long as u still respect institutions and ideologies that strengthen rape culture, our women will never be safe.


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