Former GMA General Secretary elected NDC Parliamentary candidate for Lambussie

Dr Titus Beyuo’s resignation as General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) appears to have paid off as he has secured the Lambussie parliamentary candidaturemon the ticket of the National Democratic Congress for election 2024.

He won the primary by some 446 votes defeating his only contender, Edward Dery.

Speaking on Election Headquarters on JoyNews, he said the decision to contest was in response to a clarion call from his constituents, adding that he is humbled by the huge support.

“My constituents called on me to come in and contest. I took that decision boldly to quit and come in and I am so grateful to them,” he said.

He noted it was difficult to defeat Edward Dery, who had been the MP for the constituency in the seventh parliament, until he lost in the 2020 elections to Bright Bakye Yelviel Baligi of the New Patriotic Party.

Dr Beyuo expressed the hope that he will return the seat to the NDC in 2024.

On the back of this, he promised to “regroup and re-strategize with my colleagues who lost. We have pledged to all unite the party today, and I am counting on them that we can forge ahead and develop a common strategy that will help us recapture this seat.”

General Secretary of Ghana Medical Association resigns to contest Lambussie NDC primaries

In February 2023, Dr Titus Beyuo resigned from his post as General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) to contest the parliamentary primary.

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