Funny Face makes comedy comeback on ‘Too Cute To Be Mute’ stage

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face, who took a sabbatical to nurse his mental health, is set to perform at the second edition of Too Cute To Be Mute comedy show.

Funny Face, alongside popular comedians like OB Amponsah, Clemento Suarez and Jeneral Ntatia, will camaraderie with Lekzy Decomic’s special comedy show on September 30 at the National Theater.


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Funny Face made his professional debut appearance on the Night of 1010 laughs. But before then, he was a permanent fixture on our TV screens in the famous TV3 Chorkor trotro series.

The comedian who earned himself the name, Children’s President, was sentenced to a psychological evaluation after threatening to harm his baby mama and a few of his colleagues.


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