Ghanaian Musicians Not Filling o2 Has To Do With Promotion – Dj Vyrusky

Dj Vyrusky

Ghanaian-born DJ and record producer DJ Vyrusky, who has won several awards, has listed a few of the reasons why Ghanaian performers haven’t been able to fill the O2 Arena in the United Kingdom (UK).

He admitted that the majority of Ghanaian musicians do not work with foreign musicians to promote themselves to a worldwide audience, and this is a significant barrier to their success on the world stage.

Poor marketing by Ghanaian artists, according to Vyrusky, is a further obstacle that music organizers need to address if they want to help artists sell out their international shows.

Vyrusky described how Ghanaian singers struggle to achieve comparable milestones, whereas Nigerian artists are able to sell out shows at the O2 stadium.

“I believe that promotion is to blame for Ghanaian artists’ inability to fill the O2 venue. You want to sell out a concert, but you can’t be in Ghana. You must travel to the UK if you want to promote your career as an artist and have a show that is sold out there, he added.

“When I go, I have conversations with promoters outside, like Smith and the others. Wizkid sold out the O2 [arena] by first partnering with a UK artist when he initially did it, as you can see from what Nigerians are doing today. Asake, for instance, left Nigeria and sold O2.


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