Give Me six critical Covid 19 Patience and see if our herbs can’t cure- Dr Stephen Forkuo to the Government

CEO of Dr Forkuo Herbel Clinic, Dr Stephen Forkuo

The CEO of Dr Forkuo Herbel Clinic, Dr Stephen Forkuo has thrown a challenge to the Government to involve those in the herbal sectors in the fight against Covid-19 because the only drug which can help cure the pandemic is herbal drug and not foreign medicine.

To their notice the samples of their herbal drugs sent to Noguchi have not been adhered to and no feedback has has been given which simply tell they are depending on white drugs.He said all these when re-opening a new branch at Koforidua In the Eastern Region

He continued that, at the beginning of this pandemic, she noticed the breathing condition of a woman and noticed it was Corona Virus. To God be the Glory that when we start curing with our medicine, she is now fit in just five days. But because I don’t have machines to test the medicine, I can’t voice out vividly that is COVID-19 VACCINE.

He is suggesting, the government should even give them some patients to medicate them with their medicine to verify how effective it will be on them.

He even caution government to test those critically ill and see if they won’t survive quickly.

He also plead the government to quick test their medicine and approve it so that Ghana will be free from the novel Corona virus pandemic.

He added even though Covid-19 is going on viral malaria is also attacking and killing people more than the coronavirus. The only drug which cures the malaria fast is a herbal remedy and yet still he claim our leaders have harden their ears to they fastest way we can curb and cure coronavirus.

Filed by : Owoahemaa Afia Acheampong

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