#GMB2023: Northern Region’s Nurah wins ‘Most Eloquent Contestant’ title

In an unforgettable episode of Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) themed, “Today’s Woman Night,” Northern Region’s Nurah emerged as the epitome of eloquence, captivating both the judges and the audience with her powerful presentation on the pressing issue of drug use among the youth.

Nurah’s heartfelt performance not only shed light on this societal concern but also drew from personal experience, making her message all the more poignant. Nurah’s eloquence was nothing short of extraordinary. With grace and poise, she artfully articulated the development of drug use habits among young individuals, often driven by peer pressure or personal inclinations.

Her emotional connection to the topic was palpable, having lost a dear friend to drug addiction and having battled the same issue herself. Her presentation took on a poetic quality, with Nurah delivering her message in a manner that was both articulate and deeply moving. Her confidence and elegance on stage were undeniable, as she passionately advocated for saying no to drugs.

Judge Janet Sunkwa-Mills, clearly moved by Nurah’s performance, remarked, “Your poetic rendition for tonight… You command us to listen to you. You draw us into your performance. I don’t know how you do it but you’re a natural at this; you don’t force anything but yet, you deliver.” Nurah’s ability to engage and inspire through her words left a lasting impression on both the judges and the GMB audience.

Nurah faced stiff competition in the quest for the title, contending with Serwaa from the Western region, Sung-Suma from the Upper West region, and Aduanige from the Upper East region. However, it was Nurah’s eloquence and heartfelt performance that ultimately set her apart and secured her victory as the Most Eloquent contestant of the night.

As the recipient of this prestigious award, Nurah was rewarded with generous packages from Unilever Ghana, Belpak Tissues, and GH¢100 worth of airtime from airteltigo, now at. Her win not only recognised her exceptional talents but also highlighted the importance of addressing critical societal issues through eloquence and advocacy.

With each passing week, the GMB competition draws nearer to its conclusion, with contestants bidding adieu due to lack of votes. To support and ensure the continued presence of your favorite contestant, viewers are urged to dial *713*13# or download the TV3 Reality App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

By Esther Aryee|3news.com|Ghana

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