Going To The Night Club Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Person -Patapaa’s Wife, Liha Miller Discloses

The wife of Patapaa, Liha Miller has slammed her critics in a current interview she granted on TV3.

According to her, if she goes to the nightclub, that makes her a bad person.

“It doesn’t mean that because I go to the club, I’m worse than the person who goes to church” – she said.

“I’m spending my own money to go out. So if anyone wants to talk about it, it can only be my parents, Patapaa or Patapaa’s parents” – she added.

She continued that, in every new home, there are definitely going to be some problems.

“Every marriage has problems. Every marriage has ups and downs. As I said, people will always find something to say” – she concluded.

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