Gospel musician Empress Gifty caught with Hennessy on her table while doing Live Praises & Worship

Empress Gifty, an artist who performs gospel music, was caught with a bottle of Hennessy on her table during a live performance of her song “Live Praises and Worship.”

During her most recent Live praise and worship session, a critical thinking internet user saw a bottle of Hennessy sitting on one of the tables in the room.

The critical thinking netizen expressed her astonishment before explaining that she had now realized the significance of Empress Gifty’s frequent use of loud yelling in her Live Videos.

Another thing that stood out was that despite having breast reduction surgery, she was wearing a waist trainer.

As a reminder, Hennessy contains 40% alcohol percentage. It is a type of brandy that holds high alcohol content. Some contain higher but not so much of a difference. When bottled, Hennessy contains 80 proof.

However, this level of alcohol changes once they store the fermented liquid inside barrels. The level of alcohol also changes due to the ageing process, although not so much.


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