Goverment should allocate a portion of the IMF funds for investment in our music – Ayigbe Edem

Renowned Ghanaian artist, Ayigbe Edem has called upon the government to prioritize the creative industry and allocate a portion of the IMF funds for investment in marketing  Ghanaian music.

According to Edem, it is crucial for the government to act swiftly and support the growth of the creative sector because the lack of adequate resources including marketing and PR opportunities was clearly affecting musicians and their albums from reaching the masses.

“The talent in Ghana is in abundance be it reggae, dancehall, hip-life. Move to boxing or football and the talent is in abundance but the issue is with the resources so I think as the loan dey come, the government have to look sharp or what do you think?” he queried.

Edem, known for his talent and contributions to the music industry was raising awareness about the challenges faced by Ghanaian artistes in fully unleashing their creative potential in an interview on TV3.

“People will search within them and bring whatever they want to bring but if it is not marketed people will not experience it so you might have a classic album and there are a lot of artistes who are really talented from the country they may have a classic album but because it is not marketed and publicized you will not be able to see that it is artistic,” he pointed out.

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The ‘Goget’em’ rapper disclosed that many talented artists in Ghana struggle to reach their full potential due to the lack of necessary resources including marketing and pr strategy and execution.

“I think it has more to do with a marketing deficit and PR deficit because of limited resources but the talent in Ghana is in abundance,” he added

Edem’s call to action despite being said in jest could offer potential economic and cultural benefits to Ghana.

Increased investment in marketing initiatives can attract international collaborations, enhance music distribution networks, and create opportunities for Ghanaian artists to reach new markets.

The power of music as a cultural export cannot be overemphasized and the need for strategic investments in marketing to maximize the industry’s potential is key.

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Moreover, it can contribute to the overall growth of the sector and foster job creation within the music ecosystem.

By amplifying Ghanaian music on a global scale as independent record labels have done with Nigerian music, the government can generate revenue, boost tourism, and enhance the country’s reputation as a vibrant cultural hub.


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