GRIDCo apologises for recent power outages; blames gas supply challenges as cause

The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) has apologised for the recent power outages experienced across the country. 

According to the power generation company, the issue is due to challenges it encountered with gas supply from Nigeria. 

The Corporate Communications Manager of GRIDCo, Dzifa Bampoh has said. 

However, she assured that the company is working assiduously to resolve the issue. 

“We had a gas supply challenge from Nigeria. That has been the fundamental reason, and it has led to a multiplier effect, meaning our generating plants which use gas cannot operate fully.”

“On Monday and Wednesday, we had challenges getting a full-capacity power supply and that is why there has been intermittent power supply. 

“We apologise to Ghanaians for it, because ultimately, if there’s going to be any shortage even if it’s for a day, we are obliged to inform Ghanaians. That is what we are doing at this time.

“Efforts are being made to purchase more fuel oils so that the plants that cannot operate because there’s no gas can operate with fuel oils,” Mrs Bampoh said in a JoyNews interview on Wednesday, May 10.

In recent weeks, there have been intermittent power outages across the country. 

This has angered most Ghanaians with some demanding a load-shedding timetable to enable them to prepare themselves. 

But GRIDCo says the issue is being worked on currently and thus asked Ghanaians to be patient. 

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