GRIDCo apologises to victims of recent power cuts; says there is no load-shedding

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has apologised to Ghanaians who suffered from the recent intermittent power supply.

Recently, some parts of the country especially Accra experienced power cuts.

Head of Corporate  Communications  at GRIDCo, Dzifa Bampoh said the situation was a result of a generational challenge that is out of the control of GRIDCo

Speaking on News 360 on TV3 Wednesday, May 10, Dzifa Bampoh said “Sincerely, we apologize for the erratic power supply that many Ghanaians may have suffered for the last couple of days.”

She added “GRIDCo is a transmitter and we are not a generator however, we do have a view of what the generation is like, that is the generation coming from our power plants whether they are hydro or they are thermal or they are solar.

“Unfortunately, there has been a shortfall in generation capacity, meaning we have not been able to generate as much power as Ghanaians demand.

“That is out of the control of GRIDCo and it is partly because we don’t have enough gas coming in to power some of these plants. That is why we had some intermittent power supply, so there is no load-shedding.

“What has happened is, on some occasions, gas supply has been low and as a result, we have had to reduce supply to ECG.”

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