How To Survive The Harmattan If You’re Asthmatic

If you are asthmatic, here are some tips to deal with the Harmattan.

1. Carry your inhalers everywhere you go. Having an inhaler doesn’t make you weak or show you’re going to die.

2. Know your triggers. Stay away from them.

3. Carry a sweater, pullover, coat with you, where ever you go. Doesn’t matter if you wear a cute dress or shirt.

4. When you get an “attack” use your inhaler. Don’t try to brave the storm.

5. Get to the hospital as quickly as you can.

6. Carry your health insurance card so if you have to be in the hospital it will be easy and cheap.

7. When you enter a Pharmacy to buy any drug, tell the Pharmacist or support staff you are asthmatic. This is very important.

8. If you are triggered by cold or dry air, as we are in the harmattan season, cover your nose.

9. Before you step out, ask yourself “is it necessary?” If it is not, stay home.

10. Stay hydrated. This is not the season for if I don’t drink cold water, I don’t feel like I’ve drunk water.

Stay safe. Stay strong.




Source: Able Delalie

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