How you know it’s truly time to move on

You’re feeling drained from life. Every day you wish you lived on another planet.  

You feel like a walking zombie whenever you’re going to work. Getting on the bus, sitting in the car, starting the engine – it feels all too mundane now. Your brain is on autopilot as you complete these daily tasks before your morning shift. 

You remember feeling so excited to live this life at the beginning. The life where you can work a job with benefits. The time when you can see your accomplishments appear right in front of your eyes. You looked forward to the morning commute until it became all too familiar. Now, it’s just a part of your life, nothing to be excited about or to look forward to. 

Whenever you’re at work, you wish you were somewhere else. Somewhere you can once again feel excited and look forward to things. You wish so hard to be at that place that sometimes, you get distracted from focusing on your current tasks. Your mind wanders off to the future, thinking and predicting what will happen once you take a leap. 

But with the current state of things, you have to remind yourself that it’s hard to look into the future as of yet. You’re still stuck at the same place, wondering where to go, and how to feel the joy you once experienced. 

If you notice your mind wandering off to the ‘ifs’ and ‘shoulds,’ you may realize that it’s time to move on. 

You already have a routine. You know it well in the back of your head to the point where you don’t need constant reminders about what to do. In fact, you perhaps know it too well, and your heart is telling you that you need a change. 

And for that change to happen, you have to move on. 

You will have to move on, whether to a new place or job. You may also need to let go of a friendship that no longer serves you to adapt to your current circumstances. And you may need a mental break from all the mess from the past, especially for all the damage which needs to be undone. 

Life is telling you to discover new things; it’s letting you know that you’ve outgrown your current lifestyle. Life is telling you to discover more and achieve bigger dreams, which you’re well-prepared for, even if you may not realize it. 

The universe may give you mixed messages. And when this happens, it’s natural to be scared. 

No one knows the unknown as well as the universe does. So being forced to roll with the punches makes life more unexpected and exciting. But when you’re uncomfortable with your current state, you shouldn’t have to live in devastation anymore. 

And when you decide to move on, don’t bring yourself down, as change cannot happen overnight. 

Take it day by day, minute by minute. Changing the little things at first can impact your motivation and brain power in a long way. And when you change the little things, you’ll eventually feel comfortable to face huge changes. 

And you’ll move on to a fresh new beginning.

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