I Am The Originator Of The Dance and The Sound ‘Azonto’-Gasmilla


Joseph Odartey Lamtey Milla Popularly known as Gasmilla has claimed ownership of a dancer and a music genre dubbed ‘Azonto’ which went International some years ago.

According to him, he was the first to dance ‘Azonto‘ and released a song titled “Abodatue” on 5th January 2011, which showcased the dance in the video. He continued to say he is the first person to teach the ‘Azonto’ tutorials and the legend slim Buster commended him because he learnt it from him.

The “3 Ponits” crooner has sent a strong warning to Ghanaians that, nobody should wake up and make people fell like ‘Azonto’ is not for him because he doesn’t speak.

Gasmilla also stated emphatically that, he was not awarded for his song being at number one (1) for nine (9) months but Atom made a remix of it and was awarded.

“When i released ‘Abodatue’ on January 5th 2011, i called a couple of friends that i thought were very enlighten and they knew wht the industry will need, and asked them what do we think i should do with this song. And some of them told me i should get girls, rent a yatch and stuff like that.”

He said.

He continued to tell Abeiku Santana that

“I decided to use the element that sparked the song in the first place that’s the dance. So i went to James town Where is my hometown, got a couple of youth, put them down, showed them a dance. Twist your hand and put it in the air to show empowerment, and that is ‘Azonto’ to the world now that was what was what was called ‘Azonto’.


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Over the past few days, inspired by #FaHookiMe, a new buzzword on GH Twitter, the “U Go Kill Me” star is engineering an Azonto resurgence. On April 21, he published a Tulenkey-assisted joint with the hashtag as title and chorus. Because of his clout, the revolution may yet be televised (the joint has already climbed up Twitter trends, as is #BringBackAzonto).

Like many phrases making up Accra’s street slang, #FaHookiMe is versatile in how many interpretations it lends itself to, but “let me in on it,” and “can I get some of that” are basal translations to assist your navigation of its use on social media.

The new Sarkodie single, a little over three minutes long, and the latest in a COVID-19–occasioned run–is transported on boogie-impelling rhythm by PeeOnDaBeat not dissimilar to “U Go Kill Me” which, together with “Azonto Fiesta,” amount to his papping-most Azonto offerings. Lyrically, too, Sarkodie and Tulenkey stick to the template: aim for dance, and the facetious. Everything else will fall in place.

Maybe, Sarkodie’s Azonto blues is just another behaviour symptomatic of Corona boredom. Maybe, it will phase out again, much in the same manner the invention first did shortly after its explosion.

Here’s a second possible outcome (albeit doused in surplus hope): in plotting out the return of Azonto, Sarkodie has promised free guest verses for artists who will send him songs styled in the frantic club bop around this time. The promise sounds unsustainable–considering the torrent of demos that have certainly flooded his email as we speak–but the motive does.





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