I don’t do fraud, I make all my money from music – Okese1 clears air

Budding Ghanaian rapper Okese1 has cleared the perception on social media formed about his brand.

Okese1 is one of the many musicians famed for living a flashy life online.

His addiction to flaunting bundles of cash and luxurious cars leaves fans wondering if he made all his wealth from music.

Answering that question, Okese1 stated emphatically that he made all his money through music streams.

The musician also disagreed when host Giovani asked if his songs endorse internet fraud and incite the youth to engage in get-rich-quick schemes.

“No, it depends on what the boys are doing to confirm,” he began, “as for me, I confirm cash when I do new music and send it to streaming platforms,” he said on the 3FM Drive.

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