I Returned To Shatta Wale, Because I Was Ready To Learn – Captan Gives More Insight As To Why, He Is The Only Militant Left At The SM Camp

The only last militant standing in Shatta Movement, Captan Abdul Kadir has disclosed a secret in a recent interview he granted.

According to Captan Abdul Kadir, the militants were with Shatta Wale for fame except him.

“The militants were there for the fame and that made them lose focus, except me” – he said.

He continued that, after the SM boss, Shatta Wale had sacked them, he went back to the SM camp, because he wanted to learn and so he had to humble himself to be coached.

“After Shatta Wale had dismissed the militants, I went back because I  was ready to learn” – he revealed

“You know, Shatta Wale is smart and he knows it, when you are following him sake of fame or otherwise” – he ended.

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