Sis, we’ll be going back to school next week.

Okay. What and what do you need?

Kelvin and I will be needing foodstuffs,…


You know what, just list down what you both need and give it to me.



It’s a new level and we need to pay our school fees.

Okay. How much??

Kelvin is paying 550 cedis while mine is 450 cedis.

Okay. Just go and do your list. I’ll see to them.

Okay. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome, dear.

Sandra ‘POV’

Later in the evening, Matilda gave me the list of what they’ll be needing for school and it all amounted to 1 thousand, five hundred cedis (1,500) excluding their school fees each.

Hmmm, how will I get all this money now?? My customers are not paying very well like before and the only person that use to give me plenty of money has travelled out.

Phone ringing…call from the boss

📞Hello Mama

📞Sandra how are you??

📞I’m okay Mama.

📞Work dey o

📞Ah Mama I dey ever ready. You know say ah be your loyal pikin

📞Ah trust you. Oya begin dey come now.

📞Ok mama. Make I sharply arrange myself.

📞 Oya now. No wahala.

📞 Thank you ma.

Call ended

Chai this God no dey sleep o….make I rush go quick quick. I quickly selected ripped jeans and a transparent chiffon top.

Was done dressing up, I was about to leave the house when mum called.


Yes, mum…

Hope you’ve started gathering money for your siblings’ resumption.

I’m trying mum.

Better o.
Abeg give me money, I need to go and make my hair.

Hmmm..hair you made 2weeks ago that has not spoiled?

Will you give me or not???” She frowned.

Okay. How much??

Two hundred cedis.

Okay. I reach to my bag and gave her the money.

Can I go now???

Yes, you can” she smiled.

I just nodded my head and left.

Kelvin (who has been listening to her mum and her sister’s conversation)

Mum this is not fair” I said angrily.

What is not fair???

You know sister Sandra doesn’t have any responsible job she’s doing, yet you allow her to shoulder all our responsibilities. As if that’s not enough, you are always putting more pressure on her to continue using her body for us and your outrageous needs.

You’re very stupid for what you just said.
Oh, have you forgotten this irresponsible job of hers is what puts you and your sister in school and also feeds this house??

Mum we know and we’re not proud of it. Sister Sandra has done much more for this family than you that is our mother.” I said angrily.



Get out of my sight before I slap the hell out of you.

Mum, I’ll keep telling you this. Leave sister Sandra alone to live a normal life and probably get a responsible man to marry her. Stop pushing her more into this prostitution.

I said leave my sight” she stood up to slap me but I ran out of her sight.

I went inside my room very angry.

Why is mum like this??
Instead of her using all the money she keeps getting from sister Sandra to start up something reasonable, she won’t. She will rather squander it on making her hair and wearing expensive clothes.
I can’t just wait to finish school and make my sister put an end to all this life she’s living.


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