I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 10)




Since Friday I’ve been thinking about Andrew’s offer and I still can’t arrive at any conclusion.. how will I cope with 2k (2000 cedis) every month.

If I’m taking care of myself alone, I wouldn’t even complain but my siblings and mum. The thing is, it will be taking the whole of my time that I won’t be able to do anything else.

I checked the time and it was 2:15 am on Sunday morning. I decided to go to the kitchen and get water.

I was in the kitchen when Andrew entered inside the kitchen. I was startled that the cup I was holding nearly slip from my hand. He has this strong aura around him that always makes me want to run away whenever I see him.

Be careful” he said calmly.

Thank you.” I said in a whisper.

Why ain’t you sleeping?” He asked.

Uhmm. I have a lot on my mind that’s why.

Uhm okay..” he said opening the fridge.

What about you?” I asked.

Just finished going through some works.

I made to leave the kitchen since I’ve gotten my water but I was halted by him.

Thinking about my offer??” He asked calmly.

Hmmm,” I turned to face him.

Yes.” I breathed out heavily.
Look I know you’re trying to help me but hmmm, listen 2k is not enough to take care of my bills. I have my siblings and myself to take care of.

He was just busy staring at me because I was putting on transparent nightwear.

Come follow me.” He said out of the blue.

What???”I asked surprised.

Follow me” he said with a straight face.

I was still standing in my position when he walked out of the kitchen.

I had no other option than to follow him. I know it won’t be anything other than $ex.

I followed him inside his room.

Sit” he said when I entered his room.

I did. Waiting to hear his next command.


I know she was waiting for me to ask her to pull as usual but I didn’t.

I was busy staring at her. She has such nice curves, beautiful and all but I’m still wondering how she started prostituting.



Can I ask you a question???

Okay,” she replied.

Why did you start prostituting???


It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it but I’m just curious.

I started prostituting because I had to take care of my siblings and me.” She stated.

Sandra, I have a feeling there is more to this.

She was quiet and I could see through her that there is something she don’t want to say.

I see you don’t feel comfortable talking about it.
How about we do it this way. Take the job but I promise to send money to your account every month so that you can add it to your salary.

I don’t understand” she asked confusingly.
You mean after sleeping with you right???

No Sandra.
I will be giving that money to you because I want you to stop sleeping with different kinds of men.

Oookaaayy. But where is all this coming from??? She asked.

Sandra I’m only trying to help. Like I’ve told you before, I’m doing this for my mum.


You can also ask me for anything you can’t handle on your own. I’ll try my best to help as long as you stop prostituting.

Okay. I’ll take the job then.

Good. You can start on Monday.

Okay. So how do I locate there???” She asked.

Don’t worry I’ll take you there.

Okay. Thank you.

Alright. You can go back to your room and try to get some sleep” I said because it was almost a few minutes to 4 am.

Okay. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

It’s fine. I’ll see you in the morning.” I said and she only nodded and left.

Thank God she finally agreed, at least my mind can now be at rest concerning mum. I know how my mum feels when she loves someone. She loves completely. And she hates it when her trust and love are breached.

I dozed off after some minutes.


Damn, this school is stressing the hell out of me. I can’t wait to graduate and leave here.” I lamented facing Kelvin when we went to read. I’m studying biological science while Kelvin is studying mechanical engineering.

Me too but we need to study hard in order to graduate, not just to graduate but with good results” Kelvin said.

Yeah. I can’t wait to start taking care of mum and sister Sandra” I said sadly.

Me too. You know if not for sister Sandra we would have been on the street Hawking or probably begging for alms.
Even if I decided to take care of sister Sandra for the rest of her life, it wouldn’t still pay back for all she’s done for us.

Yeah, that’s true” tears were already gathering in my eyes.
Sometimes I just hate mum” I said sadly…
But she’s still our mother right??” Kelvin asked.

Yeah. That’s why I can’t even hate her the way I want to.

Don’t worry Tilda, everything will be fine.

Yeah, I believe.

We continued our reading…



Andrew drove me to the store because he has already called the woman that we were on our way to the store.

We got there and the place seems okay. She sells kitchen utensils.

I was expecting to see an elderly person but it seems She’s someone in her late twenties or early thirties. She told me how she wants things to be done and all. She gave me a book to sign and I did. The lady seems very cheerful. When we were done, Andrew decided to leave for the office.

We’ll see later at home” he said.

Okay. Thank you.

The lady showed me around the store, showed me the book that contains all the price lists of each stuff in the store and work commenced immediately because she had to go to work too.

After she left, I was all alone there.


I got to the office pretty late because I took Sandra to her new place of work.
I’m glad she has decided to do something meaningful with her life.

When I got to the office I decided to do a conference call with Desmond and Prince. I know Prince should be at the office by now but I’m not sure where Desmond will be since he travelled.


Hello ” I said.

Hey bro … Good morning” Desmond greeted

Good morning bro” Prince said.

Morning guyz, how are you doing???” I asked.

Man is not easy over here, I’ve been trying to seal this deal with these investors I came to see but it has been one issue or the other” Desmond said.

What exactly is the problem??” I asked.

The budget plan is what we’re on presently but hopefully we get to round it up today or tomorrow.

Don’t worry I’m sure you guys will come to a reasonable conclusion today” Prince said.

I can’t wait bro, I’m fvcking tired of here already.

Smile, sorry man” I said.

Thanks bro. So how far, how did it go with you and Sandra??” Desmond asked.

Wait hold on, what is happening guys?” Prince asked feeling left out.

Lol, chill man” I said with a smile.

Okay. I’m all ears.” He said.

So, I was proposing a job for her to start with so that she can drop this thing she does.” I explained.

So what did she say?” Desmond and Prince asked simultaneously

She was skeptical about taking the offer at first because the pay is not that much. But I promised her to always send some money to her account every month to add up and she agreed.

Okay. That’s good.
But hope she wouldn’t have to pay in exchange for that money you’ll be giving her??” Desmond asked.

No man. I’m only doing this to help her and because of mum too.

And how much will you be sending to her every month?” Prince asked.

I’m planning on 3k (3000 cedis).

Okay. That is a good move.” Prince said.

Yeah” I breathed out.

But wait bro, will you still be fvcking this girl like you used to, now that you’ve secure a job for her?” Desmond asked.


I mean, you wanted her to stop sleeping around right??” Desmond asked.

Yeah” I answered calmly.

Look man, All I want you to do is, do what you feel is right” Prince said.

Exactly bro, I’m sure you can differenciate between right and wrong, just do what’s right.” Desmond said.

Yeah. I know.

Alright.” They both said.

Guys, I need to go, I have a board meeting in 30minutes time, I need to get ready” I told them.

Okay then take care bro” Desmond said.

You too. All the best in your deal.” I said.

Thanks man.

Come back soon bro, I miss you” Prince said.

Alright. ” Desmond smiled.

Alright, guys. Bye.

I ended the call.

I quickly prepare for my meeting before it’s time.


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