I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 11)





These past few weeks have been hectic. The store was boring at first since there weren’t more people coming to patronize it but the following week got better.

I now have several customers that come and refer people too. My boss never fails to give me 20 cedis every day for transport.

Andrew do drop me off sometimes and I usually go with my breakfast to eat at the store.

It’s finally weekend and I’m resting at home. By the way guys my big 25 birthday is next week Saturday and I’m super excited, though I don’t have money to celebrate it but I’m just happy that I’m beginning a new chapter of my life.

I’m home alone with Andrew’s mum. Andrew has gone to hang out with his friends. His mum will be leaving in two weeks’ time. Atleast I can finally relax when she’s gone.

We were watching TV together in the living room when she suddenly called me.

Sandra dear


I heard you talking over the phone in the morning about your birthday” she smiled.

Oh” I blushed

Sorry I wasn’t eavesdropping on your conversation.” She apologised.

No ma, I understand.

Okay, darling. So when is it??

Next week Saturday ma.

Okay. That’s on the…

15th of September.

Her expression changed immediately.
Did you say on the 15th of September??

Yes, ma.

Waooow” she had a faint smile on her face.

Ma, is everything okay???” I asked because it was obvious her mood changed.

She smiled. You share the same birthday with my son.

You mean Andrew??

Yes,” she replied.

Are you for real???” I asked surprised.

Yes, my dear” she smiled.

That’s lovely.
I’m sure he’s preparing so hard for it.” I said happily.

On the contrary, he’s not.” She had this sad smile on her face.

Why???” I asked.

It’s not actually a good day to remember for him and me.

What happened if I may ask??” I asked calmly.

My husband, his father died on that day.

Jesus Christ” I said with so much shock and mixed feelings.

Yes, he was just 4years old then. He had gone to pick Andrew a gift he promised him that he refused to disclose to us because he said he wanted to surprise him with something special, Andrew was so happy. Even as a child, Andrew can stay without seeing me for weeks and he’ll be okay but he can’t do without his father just for a day.

He left the house around 5 pm after we’ve done the mini celebration and cutting of the cake. We waited for him to get back but we didn’t see him, we called him but no response. 3hours later, then it was already dark, we got a call that he had an accident and he has been rushed to the hospital.

Andrew, myself and two of my sisters that came to celebrate with us quickly rush down to the hospital only to meet that he was gone. He died before we got there.

For years Andrew kept having a series of nightmares about his father. He keeps shouting daddy daddy every night and since then he has refused to celebrate his birthday till today.

In fact, he has warned me seriously never to send him a birthday message.” She said with so much hurt and pain in her eyes.

Oh my God. Waooow, this is too much” I said with tears in my eyes.

Next week makes it 25years since I lost him to the cold hands of death and also the day Andrew celebrated his last birthday.

Waooow, this is sad” I said allowing the tears I’ve been holding to flow freely.

She only looked at me and smiled. I could see through her that she was weeping inside.

So what does he do on his birthday??? I asked.

Nothing really. He visits his father’s grave most times even when it’s not his birthday. He does that whenever he’s angry at something and just needed someone to talk to.
September 15th is like every normal day to him because he doesn’t even want September 15 to always come. I usually go to his dad’s grave to drop flowers and go to the orphanage too on that day.

Where was he buried???

Here in Accra.
We were in Nigeria as at the time he died. We used to live there. He was brought home for burial.
I left Nigeria with Andrew when he was 9.

Waooow. That has been a long time.

Yeah.” She smiled.

Despite the pain in her smile, her smile is still second to none. She has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

Does he still have those nightmares?” I asked.

Yes. But he doesn’t, under the influence of alcohol or sleeping pills. That’s why he hardly sleeps at night, if he must, it will be with the help of sleeping pills. He prefers working, clubbing and having fun with numerous girls at night.

Hmmmmm..” I sighed
So how old will he be by next week??

My baby will be turning 29″ she smiled with tears rolling down her face for the first time.

I moved closer to her to clean her face.

She smiled” thank you, my dear.
So enough of our sad story. So tell me, how old will you be by next week??” She smiled.

I’ll be 25″ I smiled.

Ohhh my baby is now a grown a$s woman” she teased.

Thank you ma” I blushed.

Happy birthday in advance my love.

Thank you ma.

But don’t worry I’ll take you out that day once I’m back from visiting the cemetery and the orphanage homes.” She smiled.

No ma. That wouldn’t be necessary but I would love to go with you to the cemetery and orphanage home” I said calmly.

Okay,” she smiled.

Thank you ma.

We continued watching TV till I was feeling sleepy that I had to go inside.

I lay to sleep but I couldn’t. The Long chat I had with Andrew’s mum keeps coming back.
So, Andrew has been going through all this yet he acts like his heart is made of stones.

I mean, I know the pain of losing a father too but I don’t think mine is comparable in any way to his, to the point that he has to sleep on pills or anything intoxicating??

No wonder, he always sent me out of his room each time he had sex with me even if it is in the middle of the night.

I was still reminiscing when my phone rang and the caller was MAMA.

I picked…

Hello Mama

Sandra how u dey now??

Mama ah just dey o.

Okay na.
Package dey o and see ehn, this one na mad package. Money dey like this as ah dey tell you.

Hmmmmm..mama, the problem be say ah dey very busy now.

Sandra ah no get this you dey busy all the time o. So, you wan loose 10,000 cedis, just like that???

Ehn mama you say wetin?” I covered my mouth to avoid my shout from going out.

10k like this.

Chai..” I scream

You see am, but if you no won come, ah go run am for another babe wey dey ready.

Mama, ah beg make I think about am. Make I call you back.

No yawa na. Na 2 pm dem go land Sha. So ah go give you 1hr to think am so that ah go know weda make I call another person to go run am.

Okay Mama. Ah go call you back.

Oya na.


Chai see better money o, 10 thousaaandd.

But I’ve promised Andrew not to go back to this kind of life fa, oh God what do I do now????



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