I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 12)




After so many thought and all, I think I’ll just go and run this package. When Andrew goes out every weekend like this, he always comes back home late in the evening.

I think I’ll be back before he even gets back.
I quickly call Mama back telling her I’ll do it.

I quickly bath again and dress up.

I wore a short simple gown.


I was dressed and about to leave the house. I went outside and I still met his mum on the couch.

Ma, I want to go and check up on my friend Mary. She’s not feeling too well

Okay. That’s not a problem.
Please My regards to her.

Okay, ma” I left the house.

I quickly called Mama to text me the address.

I took a cab there. By the time I got there, it was 5 minutes past 2.

I knocked on the room and the person came to open the door.

The man looks clean and very fresh. In fact he’s very handsome.

Hey, beautiful” he said politely.

Good afternoon” I said walking in.

Afternoon darling.

He closed the door and came to sit with me.

What do you want to take??” He asked.

Uhmmm… I’m okay.

Are you sure???” He asked.
Just order whatever you want to eat.

I’m okay.


So, as usual now, after some time we get into the main business. We started the smooching and all when his phone suddenly rang…

The way he sounded over the phone sounded like something serious came up and he said I’ll be right there.

Immediately, he got dressed and said his daughter just had an accident and that he had to be on his way.

I said okay. But not before dropping a bundle of money and a card.
here give me a call” he dropped the card and ran out.

I quickly got dressed and counted the money. It was Ghs1,000. I guessed he dropped that because he didn’t do anything with me.

I got dressed, called mama and explained things to her, afterwards I sent her 30 percent to her.

I got home around 6 pm. When I entered inside I met Andrew and his mum gisting.

Good evening” I greeted.

Welcome back, my dear.” She said.

Thank you ma.

How is her health?” She asked

She’s getting better.

Who is sick?” Andrew asked politely.

My friend Mary is not feeling too well so I went to check up on her.

Okay. Hope she’s better??” He asked with concern.

Yes. Thank you.


Andrew POV

A week later. (FRIDAY)

I checked the time and it was 15 minutes after 8. I never knew the time had gone this far. I quickly pack up and left the office.

Oh God, I’m so tired. I got home around 9 pm. I had so much to work on that I couldn’t just wait to finish them up before coming home because I really need to sleep tonight. I haven’t been sleeping too well. And most importantly I didn’t forget to get my drugs from the pharmacy.

I entered inside only to meet mum and Sandra still watching the TV.

Good evening ” I greeted

Evening son.

Welcome back” Sandra said

Thank you” I replied.

Son, you’re late today and you look so pale. Are you okay??” Mum asked looking worried.

Mum, I’m just tired. Today has been a rough day.

Oh, my child .. sorry darling.
Why not go freshen up while I arrange your dinner for you.” Mum said with her gorgeous smile.

Thank you mum I love you” I said going to my room.

I love you too son” I overheard her say.

I freshen up and came out to eat dinner.

Mum prepared my favourite. White rice and vegetables.

I was dozing off while eating. I was fvcking tired.

Immediately after I finished eating I head straight to my room to take my drugs and sleep.

I slept off immediately after I landed on the bed. So unusual of me.

I was woken up by voices coming from I guess it should be Sandra’s room. It was a birthday song and actually, the voice sounds like mum’s.

I checked the time and it was 6:34 am.

I brushed and went inside my gym room to gym before anything.

Sandra POV


I was woken up by a song in my room.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my dear Sandra happy birthday to you.

Awwwwww…thank you so much ma.

You’re welcome, my child. Here this is for you” she said handing a gift to me.

Awwww, you didn’t have to bother” I said calmly.

I have to.

At least you gave me a reason to be happy today ” she said sadly.

Hmmm..may his soul continue to rest in peace.”I said gently.

Now open your gift.

Okay,” I said happily.

I opened it and I met a beautiful gown, a pair of shoes and a crystal necklace on it.

Oh my God. This is beautiful.” I was so excited.

I’m glad you like it” she smiled.

I love it. Thank you” I hugged her.

You’re welcome, my dear.
I’ll be in my room.

Okay, ma.

Immediately she left I quickly brought the gown out and wore it. It was so beautiful and perfect on my body, above all it’s my favourite colour red.

After admiring myself in the cloth, I dashed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

30minutes later…..

I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone when I bumped into Andrew. He was looking sweaty. I guessed he just finished from the gym.

Hey,” he said opening the fridge.

Good morning” I said.

Morning. Hope you slept well??” He asked.

Yes. Thanks.


You??” I asked.

Yeah. Thanks.

Suddenly his mum walked inside the kitchen.

Birthday girl” mum teased.

Yes, ma.

Andrew today is Sandra’s birthday” his mum said.

Oh, I see.
Happy birthday” he said looking at me.

Thank you.

Guess what son????

What mum??” He said dropping his water back into the fridge.

She’s your birthday mate.” She said gently.

He stood still after closing the fridge and backing us.

He stood for some seconds before turning to face us.

He was directing his gaze to his mum.

Mum really???”  he asked with so much anger.

I’m sorry son” she said sadly.

He continued looking at his mum till tears dropped from his eyes and he left the kitchen.

His mum broke down immediately after he left the kitchen.

Mum, please stop” I didn’t even know when I called her mum.
Please you don’t have to do this.

When will he ever let go of the past??” She cried.

I hugged her. The sight of her crying made me cry too.

Andrew POV

I rushed out of the kitchen because I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes.

I’ve tried so hard to take my mind off today’s date why does mum have to remind me.

I got to my room. All I could do was hit the wall so hard and cry. I hate the feeling I always get on this day. I just wish I can erase this day from my life. I’m tired” I cried.

I was still sitting on the floor when I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t move. Suddenly it opened.

When I saw the person that walked in, I looked away.
Mum what do you want??” I asked sadly.

Son, please stop doing this to yourself. Please” She cried.

Mum this day keeps tormenting me every single day of my life. Do you think I enjoy taking sleeping pills to sleep, do you think I enjoy working myself out just so I don’t sleep at night?? Or do you think I enjoy clubbing and sleeping with numerous girls? Huh?” I cried.

No mum I don’t. In fact I’m tired mum.” I cried.
I can’t even celebrate my birthday as every other normal human being does.

Mum was just looking at me in tears.

Mum just clean your face and go dress up for your visit. I’ll be fine” I said sadly.

Mum left my room in tears.

I hate to see her cry but right now, I’m helpless too.

I entered the bathroom to freshen up and left the house without breakfast. I went straight to the cemetery after getting flowers. I cried my heart out to him hoping he can hear my cry and heal me…

Mrs Mabel POV

I took flowers to the cemetery and I also went to the orphanage homes. It was a sad day as always but I’m glad Sandra tagged along. It made me feel a bit relieved.

We got back home later in the day.

Sandra POV

I got home in the evening with Andrew’s mum. I was very tired. My siblings and Mary called too and I’m glad they did.

I haven’t set my eyes on Andrew since he left the kitchen in the morning. I just wish he was someone I can talk to. I don’t even want to imagine how he’s feeling right now.

I was about going to freshen up when my phone rang. It was from my mum. I’m sure my siblings gave her my new line. I didn’t pick.

After bathing, she kept calling so I had no option but to pick up.


Happy birthday my child.

Thank you” I said.

Sorry I had to beg your sister to give me your new number. Sandra, please forgive me for everything I’ve done and come back home.

Is that why you called.?

No my child.

Okay. I’m sure you called to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you and I appreciate it. Bye, mum.

Sandra wa…..

I ended the call.

I don’t even want anyone to get me upset today not even that woman that doesn’t care about me. Mtcheew. I tossed my phone to the bed and put on my nightwear.



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