I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 13)


Andrew POV


My face was looking so swollen when I woke up on Monday morning. I was home the whole of Sunday. I didn’t even pick up my guys’ calls or reply to their texts. I had to just message them at night that I’m fine and sorry for not picking up their calls.

They are used to that time of the year so I’m sure they will understand.

I got dressed and left the house after taking my breakfast.

I got to the office pretty early before many of the workers.

By 10 am, I was reading through a document on my laptop when two people walked into my office without knocking.

I already know the only person or people that have the guts to do that and I know obviously, I’m about to have that lecture again but I wasn’t expecting it this early.

I’m sure you both know that there is a reason why knocking is very important” I said still looking at my laptop.

Who is this one speaking English for this early morning?” Prince asked looking at Desmond.

Well, good morning to you too” Desmond said sarcastically sitting down.

I just rubbed my hair in frustration because I know what will kick off soon.

Good morning guys.” I greeted.

Morning bro” Prince said sitting down.

I don’t need to ask you how was your weekend or if you slept well because it’s obvious you didn’t.” Desmond said.

Bro, you didn’t pick up our calls throughout the weekend. That’s not fair” Prince said.

Okay. Will you both at least just stop talking as if you’re in a debate??” I said angrily.


Look guys I’m sorry for going off on you both like that but you already know how it is.” I said calmly.

And that’s why we’re here” Prince said.

Bro, you need to stop doing this to yourself. For how long do you want to continue like this?? Do you want to die of depression??” Desmond asked.

Maybe I will feel better if I just die.” I said sadly.

Come and let me go push you off from the balcony idiot.” Prince said.

Is not as easy as you think guys. I’m tired too.

Yes bro, we know and trust me, we feel your pain but please if not for anything but for mum’s sake. That woman might just die before her time if this should continue.” Desmond said…

What do you want me to do??” I said hitting my table in misery.

Try. That’s all we’re saying.” Prince said.

Okay.” I said trying to end the conversation.

And that’s why we’ve come up with a solution and please don’t reject it” Prince said.

Which is??

You need a therapy section. I mean counselling. Trust me it will go a long way” Desmond said.

Whaaat??? Guys are you playing with me right now???

Is any of us dancing here???
Bro, we’re fvcking serious. We’re tired of seeing you like this. For the past 10 years we’ve known each other, we can’t celebrate your birthday not to talk of the mental trauma you’re going through C’mon bro” Prince said raising his voice.

Look guys we’re not doing this now” I said angrily.

Yes, we are. You can’t keep running away from yourself bro. It’s hard but you need to face it please” Desmond said.

Hmmmmmmmm…okay” I said calmly.

Good. So we’ve booked a session for you tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be free??” Prince asked.

Yes, I’ll make time.

Great. We’ll give you a call then.


By the way, here.” They both dropped a small bag on my table. I didn’t even notice they came with anything earlier.

What is this???” I asked them.

You can check it when we’re done. Prince let’s go.” Desmond said.

Alright, bro. Do have a nice day” Prince said.

Thank you” I said looking at both of them.

I watch them leave my office.

After they left I checked the first bag.

It was a Rolex wristwatch that cost almost 600$ with a note.

*Happy birthday bro. From Prince

I was fighting so hard to hold back my tears

I checked the next bag and it was cufflinks and a tie. This can’t be less than 700$

With two notes too.

Happy birthday bro from Desmond

The other note contained an address and a phone number. I guess that is the counsellor’s number.

I couldn’t hold back my tears.
These guys have been the brothers I never had. They’re not even allowed to wish me happy birthday not to talk of celebrating me. I know it has been hard for them too. I’ll just have to give the therapist a try.

I texted both of them appreciating their gifts.


The following day…

I left the office by 10 am since my appointment with the therapist is for 10:30 am.

I got to the place and I was directed to an office. I opened it only to meet a young lady there.

In my head, I was already like, Can this young lady handle my problems at all??

We exchanged pleasantries and I sat down.

You’re welcome, Mr Andrew.

Thank you.

My name is doctor Stephanie.

Shall we begin??

Yes sure, I said.

So tell me about how you feel about yourself right now.

I was just staring at her.

Please I want you to be very sincere about whatever you’re saying and feel free to voice out all your troubles. That’s the only way I can help.

I’ve been battling a mental trauma for the past 25years. I don’t get to sleep at night except with pills, alcohol, clubbing or having fun with numerous women. In fact, right now I feel miserable.

Okay. So what exactly is the problem??

I do have nightmares screaming so loud.

Okay. What triggered that?
I mean what happened that resulted in the nightmare?

It all started when I lost my dad on my birthday when I was 4. Since then I’ve been having nightmares of screaming daddy, daddy at night with lots of things accompanied with it that I can’t remember when I’m awake.

So can you still remember your dad’s face, like you can say what he looks like in your dreams??

No. It’s just a blurred figure in my dreams.

Do you want to stop all your addictions???” She asked.

Of cos yes. I wouldn’t be here if I don’t want to.

I mean everything including having fun with numerous women??” She asked.

Yes. Look as funny as it may sound, I don’t really enjoy doing that. It’s just that I don’t have a choice. I want to be normal like every other person. I want to be free.

Okay. You’ll be scheduled for twice a week. That is Tuesday and Thursday. Can you do that???



We talked for like 2 hours and left afterwards.

Kelvin POV


We’re back home finally. The exams were very tough but thank God we’re done.

Mum wasn’t looking like my mum that I used to know when we got back. She looked pale somehow and not that happy.

Matilda and I have decided to know what’s bothering her.

Mum what’s wrong??” I asked.

Nothing my child…

Mum doesn’t want to tell us anything. You look practically the opposite of yourself. Have you been sick???” Matilda asked.


Then what is the problem?” I asked.

Your sister has refused to pick up my calls. She has refused to come back home and she even doesn’t send me a dime again.” She explained.

Ehen so????
Are you not the cause of everything??” Matilda asked angrily.

Yes mum. You caused everything upon yourself. You encouraged your first fruit into prostitution and still, you’re never grateful for anything she does. You sent her out of the house in the middle of the night. Now you’re saying she’s not picking up your calls and not sending you a dime. Send you money from selling her body right?
Mum do you even have a conscience???” I asked.

Is not like that. I didn’t force her into prostitution o. She did.

Mum stop it” Matilda yelled.
You didn’t force her into prostitution but you refused to play your part as our mother. What other options did you leave her with?? She was the one paying our bills and making sure we eat in this house. You were never ashamed of the fact that your daughter prostitute but you kept coming with your outrageous demands. Mum you now sit here and tell me you didn’t force her into prostitution? Really???” Matilda said angrily.

You better stop yelling at me because I’m still your mother” she yelled.

Well, start acting like one woman.” Matilda yelled and went inside the room.

Hmmmm. Kelvin, you’ll sit here and watch your sister disrespect me??” She asked

The fact that I don’t know how to yell is probably the reason why I haven’t done that too.
So please don’t even tell me about disrespect. Keep bearing your cross till only God knows when.” I said and left her in the living room.

Sandra POV

Mrs Mabel has travelled since two weeks ago. But she promised not to be long. I really do miss her already. Her company, her foods. She’s just the mother I never really had.

I came back from work really tired and I went to bed very early without even waiting for Andrew to come home. Is not as if we do talk aside greetings.

2:15 am.

I was woken up by a loud shout from Andrew’s room. In fact, I ran to his room forgetting that what I was wearing was so short and revealing.

When I got to his room, he was acting like someone struggling to breathe.

I was so scared. I quickly touched him.

Andrew Andrew before he jolted up.

Are you okay???” I said

He was panting and sweating profusely in the cold room.

Calm down” I said patting his back.

He only nodded.

He was still sitting like a confused person. So I quickly get a towel from his wardrobe and clean his face.

Do you want water??” I asked…

Yes. ” He said.

I rushed to the fridge and get him a cold bottle of water.

He collected it and drank almost everything.

Are you okay now??” I asked him.

Yeah. Thanks.
Don’t worry I’m fine now. You can go back to bed.

Are you sure??

Yes. Sorry for waking you up.” He said with a face I’ve never seen before. So calm.


I left his room when I saw that he was feeling better.

I got to my room wondering if this is what his mum was talking about. Damn the sight was terrifying. He looked like someone about to give up the ghost. Jeez.

I don’t even want to imagine myself in such a situation and then went back to bed.



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