I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 14)



Andrew POV

The following morning…

I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about what happened earlier. I never wanted her to see me like that just that I had to follow the doctor’s advice and to be honest I don’t know if I can continue. Without pills is like a suicide mission for me not to talk of the banging headache.

I was about to leave the house when I saw her dressed too about going to work.

Good morning” she said.

Good morning
Are you set for work??” I asked.


Okay. Let me drop you off then.

Okay. Thank you” she smiled.

I waited for her in the car to join me.
In no time, she was with me.

I start the engine and we drove off.

On our way, I felt there is need to apologise for disturbing her sleep.

Uhmm, I’m sorry for what happened earlier. ” I said…

It’s fine.” She smiled.


Does that happen often??” She asked.

I only looked at her without saying anything.

I’m sorry” she said.

I smiled and we drove in silence till we got to where I dropped her.

Sandra POV

Work has been going smoothly just a bit stressful. Andrew has been keeping to his promise. He sent me 3k every month.

I was even expecting him to disturb me as usual but ever since his mum left but he hasn’t. I’m still surprised though.

Good morning beautiful” a customer greeted.

Good morning sir” I smiled.
He’s one of our regular customers.

How are you??

I’m okay sir.

Okay. Please I need those sets of food warmers I asked your boss to keep for me.

Okay, sir.” I went to bring it from the store. My madam already told me about it.

I came back with it.

Here it is sir.

Okay. thank you.

This is my card.

Okay. I brought out the POS and he paid.

I took it to his car after I had given him back his card.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, sir.

Take this.”

Ah, thank you so much, sir. I really appreciate it.

No problem dear.

I was about to go back to the store when he said.

Please can I have your number? I’ll like to talk to you over the phone.

Okay, sir” I collected his phone and typed my number on it.

Thank you.

Alright, sir. Bye.

I quickly counted the money when I got back to the store, it was 5k. I was so happy.

I was about to close around 5 pm when a number called.


📱Hello beautiful

📱 Please who am I speaking with??

📱This is Steve. I was the one that collected your number in the morning.

📱Oh sorry, sir. I didn’t know it was you.

📱Yeah. How are you??

📱I’m okay sir

📱Still at work or you’ve closed already?

📱At work but I’ll be closing soon.

📱That’s nice. Do you mind having dinner with me??

📱Sir, it will be late and where I’m going is a bit far.

📱That’s not a problem. I’ll drop you off.

📱Okay, sir. I’ll think about it and let you know if I’ll be able to make it.

📱Okay, I’ll be waiting. Please don’t say no.

📱Okay, sir. I’ll call you.


Call ended.

Hmmm, this one that this man wants to have dinner with me. What do I tell him now?

Is not as if I’ll be doing anything when I get home. Everywhere will be boring and Andrew comes back home very late.

Since it’s just a harmless date. I’ll just go.

I texted him telling him to come and pick me up.

He replied immediately saying okay.

At exactly 6 pm. He came.

Then I’ve already closed because my madam travelled.

We went to a nice hotel. My order was taken and in no time, I was already eating my meal.

We talked about random things after eating before he started doing some stuff.

Sir, we didn’t come here for this.

C’mon girl, stop acting like a novice. Ok. I’ll give you a good pay. You’re a fine girl now, stop this.

Okay, how much??” I asked.


Lol, that’s way too small.” I said.

Okay. I’ll make it 5k.


C’mon girl ” he said.

Okay. I said

He moved closer and we get down to business.

After we were done, he transferred 5k to my account and gave me extra 5k cash.

He dropped me off saying he’ll call me whenever he needs me.

I said no problem.

By the time I got home, it was already 15 minutes past 8.
I was surprised to see Andrew at home. He was in the living room eating fruits and watching TV.

Good evening” I greeted.

Why are you just coming home??” He asked.

I had to rush down to Mary’s place to collect something when I closed. I couldn’t get a cab immediately from there.

Okay.” He said.

You’re home early today. Hope all is well??” I asked.

Yeah. Just decided to come home early to rest.

I left him and went inside my room.

That was close. Thank God he believed my story.

I quickly undress and freshen up.

Andrew POV


Bro have you fixed your other car??” I asked Prince.

Yeah, I have.

And no issues again right?” I asked.

Not at all.

Just be careful next time. What if something would have happened to you?” I asked

Oh holy jeez. ..I knew you love me so much. You’re scared I shouldn’t die. Huh??
Awwww so sweet, you deserve a kiss” he said pouting his mouth.

Get out of here you fool” we all laughed.

But seriously bro. You really need to be careful.” Desmond said.

Yeah, I know” he replied calmly.

So what’s up with you and your babe now? Prince asked.

Which babe??” I asked.

Sandra of cos” Desmond said.

Leave him he should be asking me which babe.” Prince said sipping his wine.

Oh, that. She’s fine o

Why do you sound like that? Are you both having issues??” Desmond asked.

Nope. We don’t

And how is she coping with work??

I guess she’s coping well.

And have you been fvcking her pussy too??”Prince asked winking.

Prince why are you so dirty???” Desmond asked.

Guy na question I ask na. Why you dey fear?

No man. I’ve not been fvcking her.

Hmmmmm…you sure??” Prince asked looking at me suspiciously.

You know I wouldn’t lie to you for any reason. I’ve not been strafing this babe.

Okay na.

But wait why are you guys calling her my babe??” I asked.

Na your babe na. U dey fvck her and she still come dey your house join.” Prince explained.

Guy, You’re sick” I said and We all laughed.

So how is the counselling going??” Desmond asked.

Fine but mehn is not easy. I don’t think I can continue with this for long o.

Guy, it’s just 6weeks since you started giving it a try. You don’t expect it to be that easy” Prince said.

Exactly. I know it will be so hard for you but you really need to keep trying. I know you’ll be fine soon” Desmond said.

Yeah, I will keep trying.

But do you feel any better??” Prince asked.

I don’t know.

Hmm..just allow your soul and body to take their natural cause. Everything will be fine” Prince said tapping my shoulder.

You know sometimes I just don’t know where your sense use to run to” I teased him.

His sense is like a switch. It use to do on and off” Desmond added.

But you both still can’t do without me. You all need me in your life.” He replied sipping his drink.

Yeah. We need your crazy a$s” I said.

We gisted, visited our favourite eatery to eat then, went to watch football afterwards before we all went home.

Sandra POV

Since it’s Saturday I decided to pay Mary a visit.

I met her parents at home. We greeted and Mary and I went to her room. Her parents don’t know I’ve moved out of the house.

Babe, I miss you.” Mary said.

Me too babe. So how have you been??

Good. I’ll be travelling to school next week for my clearance.

Okay, that’s nice.

Yeah. So how is your new work?

Fine o.. we’re pushing it.

Honestly, I’m so happy for you. Finally.


Suddenly my phone rang.

Babe let me pick this call


📱I’ll be leaving here soon” I said

📱Okay. I’ll meet you there. Bye.

Where are you going?” Mary asked

Want to go and see a friend.” I replied.

Sandra don’t tell me you’re still sleeping around??? She asked angrily.

Babe relax. Is not that serious.

Sandra, I’m disappointed in you. Aren’t you even scared of this guy finding out???

Scared ??? why??? Besides, how will he find out??

Oh you’ve forgotten how you guys met right???
If he wants to know all your moves is very easy for him to find out.

Abeg forget that one.
See babe, I need this money. I need better money.

Hmmm, I see.
Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when the whole thing splash on your head. Because if I’m in Andrew’s shoes if by any chance I find out, I’m sending you out of my house with immediate effect.

But you’re not Andrew . He won’t even find out because I’m been careful.

Well done Mrs careful. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o.

Abeg leave that talk.
I checked the time.
See babe I need to start going now. I have somewhere to be.

Abi you have someone to go and fvck??” She said angrily.

Stop now” I said.

I won’t stop Sandra. If you like this path you’ve chosen, well I’m sorry to disappoint you, I don’t like it and I won’t support you on this.

Whatever. I have to go now.

Alright. Take care of yourself.

Awwww..so you see what I’m saying. You still care.
My dear, you can’t unlove me from your life.

Mtcheeeww get out of my house my friend.” We both laughed.



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