I Sold My Soul (CHAPTER 15)


Andrew POV


On phone with mum…

📱Good morning mum

📱Morning my love.. how are you??

📱I’m okay mum.

📱Are you sure?? You sound really unusual.
Are you sick??

📱Not really mum. Just work stress. I will be fine.

📱Are you sure?? Or do you need me to come to take care of you??” She asked worriedly.

📱No mum. I’ll be fine.

📱Okay. That reminds me, the contract I was telling you about when I came home, it have been completed.” She sounded so happy.

📱Awwwww… Congratulations mum. I knew it was going to be a success. You’re my super woman.” I smiled.

📱Thanks, son. So, I’ll be home early next month. That will be in two weeks’ time. I need to come and relax. Uganda here is tiring.

📱I know mum. But it’s just barely 4months since you left home. I know you’re missing me” I teased.

📱Yes o. I’m missing my big baby.
But seriously I need to be home, relax and watch you closely now that you said you’re undergoing this therapy section.

📱Okay if you say so. But honestly mum, the counselling has been really helpful. At least I can sleep sometimes now without drugs.

📱 Thank Goodness. I can’t wait to see you son

📱Same here mum. I’ve missed your food.

📱I know right. Don’t worry I’ll be home soon.
How is my baby doing???



📱She’s fine mum

📱Okay my regards to her

📱Okay, mum. Do take care of yourself

📱You too son. I love you.

📱Love you more.

📱 Alright bye.


I ended the call.

The truth is that, I haven’t been to work for days now. I’ve been kind of sick and I really can’t do anything at all. I just do some little works at home and just rest.

I didn’t tell mum about it because I know she’ll be worried.

Prince and Desmond will be coming here later in the evening. There is a proposal they’re working on and they need my help.

Desmond POV

I closed from work early because I need to be at Andrew’s place. Andrew have been sick for days now. In all the years I’ve known him, I can count the number of times he fell sick. He hardly falls sick. But I guess it could be the treatment he’s undergoing.

Andrew asked me to get him Rice with chicken sauce from Papa Y3. So I quickly rush there before heading to his place.

I was about entering my car after buying the food, when I saw Sandra entering a car with a man. I guess they came to get food too. She didn’t see me because where the man parked was a bit far from mine. I was curious to know where they were headed.

I followed them behind and luckily they were even going my way. I was surprised when they made a sudden turn towards the Sobitel hotel’s gate. I checked my time and it was 20 minutes past 6.

I waited till they entered the gate before I drove off.

Luckily, Prince and I jammed at the gate of Andrew’s house.

We waited for the gateman to open the gate so that we could drive-in.

After we entered and parked, Prince came out and we greeted.

Hey brozay” he hailed.

Hey bro. How are you?

I’m just chilling man.

I know right” I smiled.

How was work today??” He asked.

Not bad. Yours??

Same here bro.” He replied.

Bro, guess who I saw on my way here??

Who??” He asked…

I saw Sandra going into Sobitel hotel, the one close to Papa Y3 with a man.

Hmmm…are you sure of what you’re saying??”Prince asked

Yes now. I waited to see her verywell to be sure she’s the one…

Hmmm..do you think she could still be doing those her dirty stuff?? Prince asked.

I don’t know.


Suddenly we heard Andrew’s voice.

Why are you not coming in???” He asked standing outside.

We were gisting o” Prince said

Okay, oo bosses” Andrew said.

Oh leave it” Desmond said and we all laughed and entered inside.

We stayed till 8:30 pm before leaving Andrew’s place. When it was 7:40 pm I asked Andrew…
Why is Sandra taking so long to come back home from work??” I asked.

Well I don’t know.
Maybe it could be traffic or something.

Okay.” I said.
But does she usually come home this late??” I asked.

Although You Know I do come home late from work. She’s always at home most of the times when I get back.” He replied.


Why do you ask??” He asked.

Nothing o..just surprised she’s not back home this late.


By 8:20pm… She walked inside the living room.

It was then that I confirmed totally that she was actually the one I saw. Because that was the dress she was Wearing.

Good evening” she greeted.

Evening. Welcome,” we all said.

Why are you this late??” Andrew asked.

I went to wash my hair at the saloon before coming home.

Okay.” He said.

At that moment I felt like clapping my hands for her, for a lie well said.
Coincidentally, Prince and I looked at each other and I just smiled and continued pressing my phone.

Prince and I left a few minutes later, after we were done with the work.



This past few months have been amazing. In fact, I’ve been meeting a lot of people.

Although Andrew’s mum came back yesterday and I’m glad she’s back. Her company is so overwhelming.

But I’ll really need to be extra careful. Andrew has not suspected anything yet and I don’t intend to make him either. When he didn’t go to work, I only came home late once and I claimed I went to wash my hair.

I know he’ll be extremely mad when he finds out, so I need to be very careful.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after having dinner on Thursday when Andrew walked inside the kitchen.

Hey,” he said calmly.

Hey,” I smiled.

How are you coping with work??” He asked opening the freezer to get yoghurt.

Well, it has been great so far just stressful sometimes.

Hmmm..too many customers??” He asked with a not smiling and not angry face either.

Yeah. We now have more customers compared to when I just resumed working there.

Well, That’s good for your boss and tiring on your part” he smiled genuinely at me for the very first time.

Yeah, that’s very correct.

But your boss is nice to you right???” He asked.

Yes. It’s almost 4 months I’ve been working for her now and she has never made me uncomfortable.

Yeah. I know.
She’s a nice lady.” He said gulping his yoghurt.


Alright then. Just wanted to be sure you’re okay.” He said.

Yes I am” I smiled

And you’re hearing from your siblings right???..

Yes. They’re fine.” I replied.

Okay then. Don’t forget to let me know if you need my help in any way.

Alright. Thank you” I smiled.

You’re welcome” he said and left the kitchen.

I was just smiling after he left the kitchen. What could have made him this friendly all of a sudden???” I was wondering.

But one thing I noticed is that he looks 10 times more handsome when he smiles. Is actually today that I noticed he has a dimple.

I left the kitchen to my room after I was done.


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